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October 25, 2006

Busty Merilyn Sakova In Pink Lingerie Getting Naughty

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Again, I’ve been somewhat busy with real life and not been updating this site as much as I should have, so I hope you won’t mind if I post some big movies to compensate! :-)

Busty Merilyn (or Merilyn Sakova or Anya, as she’s also sometimes called on other websites) is probably one of the cutest busty beauty actively modeling at this time, but unfortunately she’s not featured by too many sites. The upside is that she have her own site which is packed with movies and pictures featuring only this stunning busty russian girl (yep, Merilyn really is russian, you can hear her talking in Russian in some of her videos)

Anyway, let’s start with 4 video clips of Merilyn. She’s wearing very sexy lingerie and plays with her pussy in the first vids. If you love to watch a busty girl licking her own boobs, there’s a surprise for you in the next clips :-D

Busty Merilyn Clip Busty Merilyn Clip

Busty Merilyn in pink video Busty Merilyn in pink video

And just because I still have room on this page, here are some pictures from a set I’ve never ever seen on the web, so I hope you’ll love it. It reminds me Merilyn is using toys in many sets (both as a lollipop and used in more intimate places), I’ll get a clip of her toying her pussy next time I’ll feature her :-)

Merilyn in black leather Merilyn in black leather Merilyn in black leather Merilyn in black leather

Come watch the trailer on Busty Merilyn’s tour!

October 17, 2006

Diana and her GG-cups: YET Another Good Find From XX-Cel

Filed under: BBW, Housewife, XX-Cel, Kapucine, Mariana, GG-cup — HugeBoobLover @ 8:18 am

There are the sites that feature the same handful of already known models over and over, and then, there are the sites who go the extra mile and try to uncover new models for our viewing pleasure.

XX-Cel is definately my favorite site when it comes to new models. Actually with the exception of Lorna Morgan, Joana and a couple others all of the models of this site have never been seen anywhere else before. It’s great that some site don’t spend thousands in cheesy Flash graphics on their tour and instead invest it into finding new models!

Only in the recent months, XX-Cel introduced us to Lara, Mariana, Kapucine, Andrea, Elizabeth, Cherry. Let’s just pause a second here to appreciate some eye-candy :-)

Kapucine from XX-Cel Mariana from XX-Cel Elizabeth Cherry from XX-Cel

As it happens, XX-Cel has just uncovered yet another model, her name is Diana, and this 6 foot tall lady proudly shows a pair of GG-cups. Indeed, she’s a bit more plump than the average girl, but I just happen to love some curves on a busty lady. And for those who are not into plump ladies too much, consider that’s the price to pay for GG-cups. Ok, here’s the much waited picture of Diana, Enjoy! :-D

Diana and her GG-cups from XX-Cel

Come Visit XX-Cel’s Exclusive Models!

October 15, 2006

Denise Davies playing with her huge juggs

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After my last posts about Faith going truely hardcore, I thought it might be hard to appreciate other sites, but fortunately I’m still teased by all the busty chicks I get to see! Looking in my model listing I’ve noted I’ve only blogged once about Denise Davies. Denise has been a busty model for quite a while now, but unfortunately she’s not featured as she’d deserve to be anymore.

I guess the constant flow of new models make it a big harder for “oldtimers” to keep up, but I definately thing Denise Davies is still (and maybe even more than ever before) one of the cutest in the “naturaly busty housewife” category. So far Busty Britain is the only site that seems to be actively featuring her, in both solo scenes and hardcore scenes.

Here are some pictures I got from a neat scene where she’s playing with her J-cups. Those scenes are the most teasing to me. There’s nothing like watching a busty girl fondling her tits, licking and sucking them, … Here are some pictures of Denise Davies that will convince you if you’re not already :-D

denise-davies-02.jpg Denise Davies Denise Davies Denise Davies

Denise Davies Denise Davies Denise Davies

And because pictures are great, but movies are even better, here are 3 sample clips I got from the same scene!

Clip 1
Denise Davies movie

Clip 2
Denise Davies movie clip

Clip 3
Denise Davies movie clip

Come download more movies samples at!

October 6, 2006

FaithExposed: Correction and another clip

Filed under: Teens, Faith, G-cup, FaithExposed — HugeBoobLover @ 11:18 am

When I blogged yesterday about I managed to screw up the URL of the video clip.

I’ve just fixed that up but since I’m posting I’m going to post another clip too because I definately can’t get enough of watching Faith sucking cock, toying her pussy and doing plenty of naughty things in her new site! :-D

Faith hardcore blowjob video

And here’s the correct link to the clip I posted yesterday
Faith sucking cock

And don’t forget to visit Faith’s new site! Click here!

October 5, 2006 is LIVE!

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Since 2004 we’ve been millions to wish that Faith would finally decide to do some hardcore scene. Not that there’s anything wrong with softcore or even non-nude glamour, but there’s nothing like a very busty babe squeezing a cock between her tits or massaging her boobs while doing a blowjob! Of course many models start their modeling career by doing only nude and do hardcore a bit after (Like Leah-Jayne who did her first hardcore scene a few months ago for example) but it seemed so far that Faith would be one of the many models who would stick with softcore and glamour. That would have been perfectly okay as doing hardcore porn certainly have some consequenses on the model’s private life, however back in june we learned she was more kinky that she initially seemed to be as a video of Faith doing a blowjob (and one of the best blowjob I’ve seen I’d add) has been accidentally released. It appeared her boyfriend and her loved to film when they were together, but only with a mobile phone and they tried to keep their videos private.

Anyway, after so many fans asked for it and since her boyfriend (”Prince”) and Faith loved to be taped while having sex, and since a blowjob video was already out, they finaly decided to make a hardcore site together. The rumour has been slowly growing for the last couple of month that the site would open “ASAP”, and IT FINALLY WENT LIVE TODAY!!!

Ok, time for the eye candy it seems? well I’m a bit overwhelmed with good stuff to post here, but I’ll have to make a selection. For this first post (because undoubtly there will be many more posts about this site ;-) ) I decided not to post any still pictures. I’ve already shown here so many glamour pictures that this post will only feature hardcore clips and screencaps! Here goes…

Faith sucking cock

Faith blowjob Faith blowjob Faith with a blue dildo

Faith hardcore blowjob video Faith hardcore blowjob video Faith hardcore blowjob video Faith hardcore blowjob video

Come get the whole thing here on!

Shit! I can’t believe it finally happened! Now please excuse me while I go watch the rest of her videos, as I haven’t downloaded everything yet! :-)