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June 17, 2007

Busty Newcomer Schoolgirl Keira And Her J-cups On BustyBritain

Filed under: BBW, J-cup, Busty Britain, Keira, Uniforms — HugeBoobLover @ 2:06 pm

Again I’ve been on and off, but here are some pictures of Keira.

This new model just appeared on BustyBritain and I just couldn’t help showing you some samples. I’m not sure why, but chicks in business suit or schoolgirl outfits always turn me on, and if they are very busty (and J-cup most definately is busty to me) it’s even better! :)

keira-01.jpg keira-02.jpg keira-03.jpg keira-05.jpg keira-07.jpg keira-09.jpg keira-10.jpg keira-11.jpg keira-13.jpg keira-15.jpg

I’m just testing a new image upload plugin with this post, please forgive if things don’t come up as they are intented to for the next days/posts.

Download the full serie and the video of this scene from BustyBritain!