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April 13, 2006

A titfucking lesson from Leah-Jayne

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This morning it seems like all the big boob addicts emailed one another like mad to spread out the message of joy to the masses: Leah-Jayne now does hardcore!

The same Leah-Jayne that flashed her insane HH boobs for XLGirls (pics) and XX-Cel (pics), made a burning hot scene for BustyBritain where she’s dressed up as a very naughty schoolgirl and shows she really knows how to put her enormous hooters to good use. This is a titfuck that lucky guy will not forget anytime soon! Leah-Jayne’s HH natural wonders going up and down squeezing that big cock will mostly likely become one of the best known big tit hardcore scenes in the near future!
The video is 30 minutes long and I can’t wait to get back from work tonight to watch it a second time (yeah, sad news, I need to work to make a living :-) ).

Oh! And as a bonus for her fans BustyBritain also features 2 great videos of Leah-Jayne having lots of fun with her toys.

Leah-Jayne Hardcore Leah-Jayne Hardcore Leah-Jayne Hardcore Leah-Jayne Hardcore Leah-Jayne Hardcore
Leah-Jayne Hardcore Leah-Jayne Hardcore Leah-Jayne Hardcore Leah-Jayne Hardcore
(Pics downloaded from

4 Responses to “A titfucking lesson from Leah-Jayne”

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    […] The guys from BustyBritain are at it again and after showing us the very first hardcore scene of Leah-Jayne, this time we’re gifted with a very hot pictorial and matching video of Kerry Marie having a great time licking her yummy HH-cups, she even gets naughtier toward the end […]

  2. Huge Natural Tits Lovers » Another great scene from Leah-Jayne Says:

    […] A little while ago I blogged about BustyBritain and their first hardcore scene with Leah-Jayne and it probably won’t hurt to show some pics of another hardcore Leah-Jayne scene they have. The plot and outfits are not quite as original than they were in the previous scene, but the action largely compensates. Leah-Jayne’s HH-cups get fondled, licked, played with, sucked (hey, who wouldn’t do the same with that kind of natural wonders ), … Then Leah-Jayne shows us once again that she has a real talent at cock-sucking: I just love those scenes where girls suck a big cock while rubbing it between their boobs. It does take some cleavage to be able to do that, but that’s clearly not a problem for Leah-Jayne. I also very much enjoyed watching her boobs bouncing up and down while she’s getting pounded! I’m even giving you a short clip so you can make up your mind […]

  3. » is LIVE! (Huge Natural Tits Lovers) Says:

    […] Since 2004 we’ve been millions to wish that Faith would finally decide to do some hardcore scene. Not that there’s anything wrong with softcore or even non-nude glamour, but there’s nothing like a very busty babe squeezing a cock between her tits or massaging her boobs while doing a blowjob! Of course many models start their modeling career by doing only nude and do hardcore a bit after (Like Leah-Jayne who did her first hardcore scene a few months ago for example) but it seemed so far that Faith would be one of the many models who would stick with softcore and glamour. That would have been perfectly okay as doing hardcore porn certainly have some consequenses on the model’s private life, however back in june we learned she was more kinky that she initially seemed to be as a video of Faith doing a blowjob (and one of the best blowjob I’ve seen I’d add) has been accidentally released. It appeared her boyfriend and her loved to film when they were together, but only with a mobile phone and they tried to keep their videos private. […]

  4. Lennie Says:

    Leah-Jayne is just pure class…nothing else need be said. Oh sorry she’s gorgeous too :)

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