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September 4, 2009

ImLive: Norma Stitz and Alicia Loren ready to make your fantasies come true!

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I know an increasing number of you want much more interaction with their erotica/porn movies and while it’s hard to please everybody with “old fashioned” porn scenes, it’s totally possible with webcams to ask the female performer to do exactly what you which them to.

I mean:  watching the biggest boobs in the world on your screen is nice, but if  you’re watching a video clips shot several years ago and already seen by thousand fans, it’s just not the same thing than being in front of the actual performer and ask her to do what you want her to!

Now if you really want the real thing (do you? :-) ), thanks to ImLive you can get a one to one session with Norma Stitz who just happens to be the Guiness Book of Records certified bustiest woman in the world…

Norma Stitz (login: norma_stitz)

Amazing isn’t she? Well, it’s not every day you get to talk with a chick who can flash a pair of 72ZZZ puppies, right? :-) BTW, did you know that you can record and save a webcame session? That’s your chance to become a “porn” producer, direct the model and make your own video… :-P

Click here to see Norma Stitz’s webcam page!

But Norma Stitz and her ZZZ juggs aren’t the only beauties you’ll be able to make friend with on ImLive… If you look on the right hand side menu of this blog, in the ‘Busty Camgirls’ section you’ll find some more amazing chicks to have some good time with…

And because she’s one of my favorites, here are some pictures of Alicia Loren and her 36JJ wonders; indeed she’s from Romania but her accent is about as cute as her boobs are big… Enjoy! :-)

Alicia “36JJ” Loren (login: simpatique)

Click here to watch Alicia Loren(simpatique)’s webcam page!

Now, in the (I hope unlikely) case that neither Norma nor Alicia tease you, there are quite a few amazing models you can chat with in the ‘ImLive Boobs‘ section.

July 18, 2009

Black Beauty Miosotis and her titanic boobs now doing hardcore!

Filed under: Cleavage, Black, K-cup, KKK-cup, Hardcore, Miosotis — HugeBoobLover @ 7:42 pm

Great news today! Yes, I know all of you most probably know who Miosotis is (and if you don’t I have more news for you: Obama has been elected POTUS :-) ), but previously she only had a small site with a few sets and she didn’t do hardcore.

Well, the great news of the week, is that she recently opened ClubMiosotis! A site site where she not only does have many sets, BUT where she also does HARDCORE! I know it seems hard to imagine, but her oral sex skills are nearly are big as her boobs are! I really happen to love “classy” porn/erotica as much as I love the “naugthy” stuff but I my opinion is that Miosotis looks much better and seems much more confortable being fucked raw on the floor than when she was doing cheesy softcore shoots. Well, let’s just say I didn’t bother to join her former site, but I rushed to sign up for ClubMiosotis. I’m still currently downloading all the good stuff from her site, but still here are some teaser pictures for you! :-)

Miosotis’ bra site is sometimes refered as 54KKK and sometimes 58K; I’m not sure if both are equivalent, but the only thing I’m sure of is that she must spend a real fortune in custom made bras…

The pictures are below, but make sure you also download the trailer from her site’s tour (Top left of the 1st page), it’s really worth it! :-P

Wanna see some thumbs of her doing hardcore? Well, there are several scenes but this one is the only one from which I saved pictures: Miosotis shows that not only she has amazing cocksucking skills, but she’s also very bisexual as it can be seen from the look on her face when she’s enjoying a pussylicking from the other chick.

Click here to visit Miosotis’ site preview!

(Bargain of the month: If you signup via TitsAndAssPass, you get access not only to Miosotis’ site, but also to Dominno’s site, Katrin’s site, Swett Yurizan’s, Aria Valentino’s, Vanessa Del’s, Chloe Veria’s, Kristina Milan’s, Minka’s and a couple more I don’t remember of the top of my head)

November 25, 2008

Let’s celebrate Barack Obama’s election with Summer Lashay’s boobs :-)

Filed under: BBW, Mature, Cleavage, Black, JJ-cup, Close-ups, Summer Lashay — HugeBoobLover @ 4:44 pm

Yes, I know I really should post more here, but I very busy, please bear with me while I try to sort things out (nothing serious, just very busy with family stuff, work, etc…)

I know it’s old news now, but since we now have an Afro-American as President-elect, I thought it would be a good idea to celebrate with some black boobies? HUGE black boobies of course!

As it happens Summer Lashay is the very first Afro-American busty model I thought of, so it’s with her pair of ebony JJ-cups that we’ll wish Barrack Obama, the USA and all our american friends lots of good things for the 4 coming years!

It’s not the first time I’m featuring Summer Lashay here, but while so far I pointed to her pictures and videos on ThickNBusty, it appears that she also have her private website, and it’s most definately worth having a look at it! :-)

Ok, here are the pictures from Summer’s site, enjoy!

Click here to visit Summer Lashay’s site :-)

June 2, 2008

Amazing threesome with Vanessa Del and Kristina Milan

Filed under: Mature, Cum on tits, Housewife, Black, Vanessa Del, Kristina Milan, GGG-cup, KKK-cup, Hardcore — HugeBoobLover @ 6:59 pm

How many of you would love to have a threesome with two extremely busty chicks? I guess you (yes, YOU!) would fall in one of the following categories: 1/ the ones who’ve never done a threesome with 2 very busty women and are craving to experience it or 2/ the ones who’ve already experienced it and are craving to do that again. :-)

Kristina Milan and Vanessa Del recently pleased some lucky dude in a insane way, but just in case you’re a recent big boob addict, here are some pics of these fine ladies:

Kristina Milan and Vanessa Del going lesbian Kristina Milan and Vanessa Del going lesbian Kristina Milan and Vanessa Del going lesbian K

The pics above are from a set of Kristina’s site… Of course, those are teasing but we can’t help thinking that scene would be better with a real cock instead of just a dildo…

Well, as it happens (but you saw that coming), they indeed did a threesome scene which is just amazing! I could write a long blurb about it, but instead I’ll just include more pictures in this post! :-D

Since you want more frequent posts, you’ll have to deal with shorter posts anyway :P

It’s too early this month for me to post movie clips, but you can access the movie trailer of this scene at the bottom of this page.

Kristina Milan and Vanessa in a busty threesome Kristina Milan and Vanessa in a busty threesome Kristina Milan and Vanessa in a busty threesome Kristina Milan and Vanessa in a busty threesome

Kristina Milan and Vanessa in a busty threesome Threesome with 2 busty women Threesome with 2 busty women Threesome with 2 busty women

Threesome with 2 busty women Threesome with 2 busty women Threesome with Kristina and Vanessa

Click here to watch Kristina Milan’s site or
use this link to TitsAndAssPass instead if you also want to
join Vanessa Del’s site too for the same price! (along with Chloe Veria and Aria Valentino’s sites)

May 27, 2008

Ebony BBW Thick Candy and her 46LL boobs getting cummed on!

Filed under: BBW, Tit Fucking, Cum on tits, Black, BigTitsCurvyAsses, LL-cup, Hardcore, Thick Candy — HugeBoobLover @ 3:14 pm

There’s been LOTS of buzz recently around Nelli Roono and her LL jugs, but it seems that Thick Candy didn’t get nearly as much coverage while she’d most definately deserve it IMHO.

They both have the same cup size (LL-cup!), Thick Candy’s face is looking great compared to Nelli’s, but most importantly while we’re still wondering if we’ll ever see Nelli Roono topless one day, Thick Candy is already doing hardcore scene!

And this black BBW chick isn’t shy; she loved to show her cock-sucking abilities as well as her tit-fucking expertise in the first scene I’ve seen of her at I’m not sure why, but I think I have had a crush on black ladies recently and Thick Candy and her all natural 46LL wonders aren’t going to change that situation it seems…

Anyways, here are the picture samples if you want to see the trailer check BigTitsCurvyAsses’ tour (3rd update from the top of the page) :-P

Black BBW Thick Candy and her 46LL tits Black BBW Thick Candy and her 46LL tits Black BBW Thick Candy and her 46LL tits

Black BBW Thick Candy and her 46LL tits Black BBW Thick Candy and her 46LL tits Black BBW Thick Candy and her 46LL tits

Black BBW Thick Candy and her 46LL tits Black BBW Thick Candy and her 46LL tits Black BBW Thick Candy and her 46LL tits thick-candy-12.jpg

Come download the trailer of Thick Candy’s scene on BigTitsCurvyAsses’ tour!

May 25, 2008

A truckload of enormous boobs from ThickNBusty!

Can we ever get to many sites featuring enormous natural juggs? nope! I most definately don’t think so… ThinkNBusty, while not being really new (it’s been around for one year at least), is really good and I’m quite surprised is hasn’t got more coverage yet.

The ‘ThickNBusty’ name pretty much says it all about this site: it’s all about Busty BBW women (that is: NOT featuring chick with an enormous ass but with hardly any breasts), and with an hardcore twist. Many scenes and pictorials are solo, indeed; but quite many feature chicks playing with big dildos or with males delighted to have such amazing boobs to play with… Actually this is the very first place where I see Summer Lashay performing an hardcore scene (warning: burning hot titfucking action!)

Not listening to me anymore already? *sigh* ok, here are the pictures of Summer Lashay and her JJ-boobs giving the titucking of a lifetime to a lucky guy… :-D

Summer Lashay at ThickNBusty Summer Lashay at ThickNBusty Summer Lashay at ThickNBusty

Black BBW Summer Lashay at ThickNBusty Black BBW Summer Lashay at ThickNBusty Summer Lashay at ThickNBusty

Of course, ThickNBusty is a multi-model site, and frequently updated one at that, so there are MANY models and scenes to look at… Here are just a couple more preview pictures of Kore Goddess, Rose Valentina and Simone Fox! I’m not done exploring this site totally yet, so you may expect more posts about it very soon :)

Kore Goddess at ThickNBusty Kore Goddess at ThickNBusty Rose Valentina

Simone Fox at ThinkNBusty Simone Fox at ThinkNBusty

Click here to watch more enormous natural juggs at!

April 15, 2008

Practicing sports with Vanessa Del!

Filed under: BBW, Mature, Cleavage, Housewife, Black, Vanessa Del, GGG-cup — HugeBoobLover @ 2:57 pm

As you could notice by the lack of new update in the last 5 days I’ve been quite busy with real life: The wife decided that our kitchen needs to be redesigned so during the last week I had to spend 3 painful afternoon sat in front of a guy asking if we’re rather have the oven on the left of the sink or the contrary, what’s our favorite sink coulor, and so on… After a couple hours of this treatment I wish I had been waterboarded instead… Anyway in one of the kitchen shop the “guy” actually was a girl and quite a busty one. Since the wife was sat on my side I couldn’t stare at her boobs too much, but I’m sure this (quite curvy and in her early 30s) lady had G-cups at least. Somehow in the talk sports came on topic for couple minutes and she mentioned she loved to play tennis. From that point on, rather than wondering about kitchen sink colours my mind was totally taken by this only thought: How can a woman with such an enormous pair of tits decently play tennis?!

It incidentaly reminded me some of the recent sets from Vanessa Del’s site showing her practicing motorbike, basketball, baseball despite her GGG-cups… Once back home I had to check for those sets and it was a really nice reward after the torture; I figured you’d like to watch some pics too… Yes the posing on bed and milk-shower aren’t considered as sports (yet?) but I loved the sets and I’ve included some samples too! Enjoy! :-P :-P

Vanessa Del Vanessa Del Vanessa Del Vanessa Del

Vanessa Del Vanessa Del Vanessa Del Vanessa Del

Vanessa Del Vanessa Del Vanessa Del Vanessa Del

Visit Vanessa Del and her amazing tits’ site!

January 24, 2008

Black BBW Jenny Hill and her Q-cup boobs say Hello!

Filed under: BBW, Black, Uniforms, Glamour, Jenny Hill, Q-cup — HugeBoobLover @ 10:55 pm

One of my best reward as a blog owner is to look at my access statistics and to see I have more readers every month…

Now, I also write another blog specificaly dedicated to plumper women, and an extremely busty model happens to read it and sent me pics, so since that lady is the proud owner of a pair of Q-cups, I figured I’d mentioned her message and show her pics here also… :-)

Anyways, here’s that email:

From: Jenny Hill

Happy 2008 to you. Hope you’re well
Attached are some new sets which are yet to come from me in 2008.
Also just to let you and the rest of the fans know that I won ‘Score Big Breast Challenge’ 2007 (Holiday edition) So do thank them all for voting for me.
This year there are lots of steamy hot sets and video on the way and I will be releasing a DVD in 2008 which will only be available from

BBW Jenny Hill sending in some of her own pics… How cool is that?! :-D

For those of you who have been living under a rock for the last few years, Jenny Hill is a british model who’s been one of the first black BBW models to become widely known…

Ok, let’s not wait anymore and enjoy Jenny’s pictures!

BBW Jenny Hill BBW Jenny Hill BBW Nurse Jenny Hill BBW Nurse Jenny Hill

BBW Jenny Hill and Simone Fox BBW Jenny Hill and Simone Fox 38Q Jenny Hill 38Q Jenny Hill

Black BBW maid jenny hill Black BBW maid jenny hill cafemaid11.jpg

Click here to visit Jenny Hill’s site and download some more HQ pics!

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