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June 30, 2011

Anorei Collins aka Lexxxi Luxe playing with her shaved pussy at…

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I have GREAT news for all of us! For those who thought Anorei Collins was a bit shy in many of her sets, this brand new scene published at PlumperPass will change your mind once and for all! No hardcore yet, but still a close-up scene of Anorei simultaneously dildoing her shaved pussy and tight ass is definately the boldest action in which she performed so far!

So far there’s no explanation about her model name change from Anorei Collins to Lexxxi Luxe through; hopefully the ‘xxx’ in Lexxxi is a hint about the type of her upcoming scenes! :-)

It’s also worth mentionning that while her cup size used to be 38LL, her recent pregnancy made it increase to 38P! That’s gotta be one of the most unique cup-size of all the models I’ve been blogging about here since march 2006! Yikes! It’s been 5 years that I’ve been updating this blog… Well, let’s just say this Lexxxi Luxe pics from PlumperPass are my gift to all my readers!

Enjoy! :-)


And just in case you were wondering, yes of course there is an HQ video of this scene, here’s a teaser I made! :-)

Click here to get the full model list of!

Update:  Today, XLGirls released a video featuring Lexxx/Anorei, so far all I have to show is the trailer (see it at the top of, and this yummy picture: Anorei Collins at XLGirls but don’t worry and stay tuned I’ll post more soon :-)

November 6, 2009

Anorei Collins is a big webcam fan!

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As it happens, most models prefer to be in front of a photographer’s lens, but some aren’t afraid of the extra interactivity of being in front of a webcam and talking with their fans. Anorei Collins, while being quite new to the modeling scene, is one of those cool models who also love to please their fans in ‘1-to-1′ mode.

Do you think you’ve been nice enough to deserve a nice webcam session with Anorei and her 38LL amazing natural wonders? :-P

In the meantime, here are some screenshots I’ve selected from her previous shows; enjoy! :-D

Still want to see some more? :-) Ok, here’s the thumbboard of an actual webcam show of Anorei:

Anorei Webcam

Click here to visit Anorei Collins’ webcam page!

October 6, 2009

Amazing new busty model: Anorei Collins and her 38LL natural boobs!

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Every so often we get to discover a model that totally blows away the competition on the big tits modeling scene… A while back we had Miosotis, or Alicia Loren, or Nelli Roono; today’s new find from BigTitsGlamour is named Anorei Collins.

This 23yo all american model is the proud owner of a pair of 38/40 LL (yes, LL!) juggs… Extremely few models are lucky enough to have this boob size and actually the only 2 other know models using LL-cup bras are Nelli Roono and Thick Candy.

Err… are you still reading this or have you already skipped to the pictures below?

Ok, ok… *sigh* here are the pics and if you want to see more pics of Anorei Collins or just know more about here, click here to read her interview

Click here to know (and see!) more of Anorei Collins!

December 20, 2008

Happy Christmas from Claudia-Marie!

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Real life is still keeping me extremely busy so I unfortunately still can’t update this blog as often as I’d want to, but I definately couldn’t let you without some special xmas season pictures…

Our “XMas Bunny” this year is Claudia-Marie, I’m not going to re-introduce her to you because I’ve already blogged many times about her and her amazing G-cup tits, so as I did in many of my recent posts, I’m going to keep the babble short and post the pics (xmas special: 18 pics!) :-P

Isn’t she amazing? *drool* ok, I shut up and post the rest of the pictures! :-D

Be nice to Claudia-Marie an check her site out! (and download 4 pics + 1 movie trailer for her most recent scenes! :-) )

November 25, 2008

Let’s celebrate Barack Obama’s election with Summer Lashay’s boobs :-)

Filed under: BBW, Mature, Cleavage, Black, JJ-cup, Close-ups, Summer Lashay — HugeBoobLover @ 4:44 pm

Yes, I know I really should post more here, but I very busy, please bear with me while I try to sort things out (nothing serious, just very busy with family stuff, work, etc…)

I know it’s old news now, but since we now have an Afro-American as President-elect, I thought it would be a good idea to celebrate with some black boobies? HUGE black boobies of course!

As it happens Summer Lashay is the very first Afro-American busty model I thought of, so it’s with her pair of ebony JJ-cups that we’ll wish Barrack Obama, the USA and all our american friends lots of good things for the 4 coming years!

It’s not the first time I’m featuring Summer Lashay here, but while so far I pointed to her pictures and videos on ThickNBusty, it appears that she also have her private website, and it’s most definately worth having a look at it! :-)

Ok, here are the pictures from Summer’s site, enjoy!

Click here to visit Summer Lashay’s site :-)

October 9, 2008

Introducing Karina Hart ’s HH-cups in video! :-)

Filed under: Cleavage, Boob Licking, HH-cup, Scoreland, Close-ups, Videos, Glamour, Karina Hart — HugeBoobLover @ 5:43 pm

If you love busty beauties masturbating in front of the camera, you’re gonna love this post! :-D

Although I’ve not featured Karina Hart on my blog yet, there are already many pictorials and videos of her on Scoreland, and since she was starting to get so many fans she decided to shoot many more scenes and to open her own personal site! yeay! :-)

I know I’m a bit backlogged with the updates on my site, but to try to make up for it, this time I’m giving you 4 HQ sample clips to download, enjoy! :-) (No hardcore (boy/girl) scenes of Karina have been published yet, but this girl most definately loves to suck her own nipples and to play with dildos… :) )

Karina Hart


Karina Hart dildoing


Click here to visit Karina Hart’s HH boobies :-P

July 11, 2008

Anya flashing her boobs AND pussy for XX-Cel

Filed under: XX-Cel, Anya Sakova / Merilyn, Close-ups, GG-cup — HugeBoobLover @ 3:42 pm

Sorry for the delay, but I’m currently doing heavy work in my new (well, new… 2 yrs old now) appartment and I don’t have so much time to post here. Currently the kitchen is under heavy work and once it’s done I’ll work on totally redoing the bathroom.

But somehow I think you’re not very interested by my real estate stories and that you came on this blog more to look at big tit pictures than to hear me complain about how my wife is (ab)using me as a construction worker… :-P

Anyways, I thought after this hard work I could spend some time watching Anya’s lastest set on XX-Cel.

Anya  Anya Anya Anya

anya-05.jpg Anya Sakova merilyn Anya Sakova merilyn Busty Anya Merilyn

This chick is really amazing, isn’t she? But in the very unlikely case you could get bored by her heavy GG natural wonders, Cel in the lastest set he published gave us a glimpse of “Inside Anya” :-)

Do you wish you could be “inside Anya”? I sure would! :-P

Busty Anya Sakova anya-10.jpg anya-11.jpg anya-12.jpg

anya-13.jpg anya-14.jpg anya-15.jpg anya-16.jpg

Come Watch More of Anya at XX-Cel!

June 28, 2008

Alicia Loren and Micky on webcam just for you?!

Filed under: BBW, Teens, Alicia 36JJ, Cleavage, G-cup, JJ-cup, Close-ups, ImLive, Micky — HugeBoobLover @ 11:56 am

Don’t you sometimes wish you could direct your own porn scene? Or even better, have the performer for you alone?

A few years ago, I had a girlfriend who’s fantasy was to be given instructions to follow, so when we “played” together I often started by sitting in a corner of the room while she was on the bed and I asked her to start masturbating, or lick her nipples (Yes, she could do that, was my only GF that could actually although she only was a DD-cup), or finger her ass, she was basically up for anything and the kinkier I got, the more she loved it. It’s too bad webcams weren’t popular back then because I’m sure she could have been an amazing webcam host.

While I usually enjoy porn movies because it allows me to watch them when I want and also to fast-forward or rewind as I see fit, it’s still missing a lot of interactivity.

I never blogged much about webcams much so far because every time I looked I had a hard time finding correct cam sites with enough hosts having really HUGE tits. So far ‘ImLive Boobs‘ is the best one I could find: always plenty of very busty performers at any time of the day, but there also are quite a few big tits models/pornstars that have an account and perform there on a regular basis!

Ever fantasized to have some 1-on-1 quality time with Alicia Loren, Micky or another of the models I usually feature here? Then look no more, you need an account on ImLive (yes, the girls do their show for a fee, but with a free account you can already access all their picture galleries and you can also Text-IM the girls which is already great :-P )
Ok, here are the screenshots from webcam shows of Alicia and Micky, enjoy! (sorry for the low quality, but video snapshots hardly ever look very good)

Alicia “36JJ” Loren (login: simpatique)

Alicia Loren(simpatique) on webcam Alicia Loren(simpatique) on webcam Alicia Loren(simpatique) on webcam Alicia Loren(simpatique) on webcam

Alicia Loren(simpatique) on webcam Alicia Loren(simpatique) on webcam Alicia Loren(simpatique) on webcam

Click here to watch Alicia Loren(simpatique)’s webcam page!

And now the screenshots from Micky(login: HornySexyTits69)

Busty Micki on her webcam Busty Micki on her webcam Busty Micki on her webcam Busty Micki on her webcam

mi05.jpg Micky mi07.jpg Busty micki at imlive

Click here to see Micky’s webcam page !

While I’m at it I should also mention that Alexandra Moore also have a webcam page at Imlive!

Kristina Milan also does camshows on ImLive BTW, see here for her profile!

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