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May 11, 2008

Let’s answer Willow Fox’s question!

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Yes, this site is primarily intended to horny guys lusting on huge female boobs, but every once in a while I get mail from females that are not models wanting to be featured here.

I really found this email interesting, so let that be my pictureless post of the year, and please take a couple of minutes to read Willow’s message, my answer and post a comment if you happen to disagree strongly :-)

First, here’s Willow’s message:

I’m so confused! I am 21 yrs old, 5′3′’ and I have natural 34D-DDs, when I asked my husband what was his favorite breast size he said B-Cs. When I seemed upset, I told him that it had bothered me that he didn’t mention my breast size. He went on to say that what he meant to say was before he met me that’s what he liked. But I don’t think so, when we met I was a 32C and he loved them. He was always looking at them, saying how sexy they were, playing with them and touching them. Now he doesn’t do anything like that. I can get undressed and he won’t even notice. I’m a woman who loves to have her breasts played with and sucked on, but now it’s like he just doesn’t know what to do with all this woman. Look, I know that this isn’t a relationship site, all I want to know is if there are men out there who like that size, and whether or not they really know how to handle a woman or if they just like them to look at. I used to be proud of my volumptous breasts, and now I’m embarrassed to be nude, like my size is a bad thing. When what I really want is to take off my clothes and be proud again, to know that there are men out there who find this sexy, and to find some real men who actually know how to handle some real breasts!

Dear Willow,

As the 36yo husband since 7 years of a 36yo DD-cup woman, here’s my answer to the best of my knowledge. Actually it’s just a list of points, but hopefully they’ll be useful to you and your couple!
- First, men who loves big boobs are often seen as “perverts” by women or other guys. So most of the guys who only lust on DD cups and over are quite likely to tell that “C cups are fine” so they’re not labelled as “only here for the tits”.

- It seems to me that you’re “reducing” yourself to just a pair of tits in your email. Yes, maybe your husband is less “interrested” in you sexualy speaking, but that kind of thing happen in any couple… And that’s not just due to the boob size of the female partner.

- You mentioned you were C-cup when you met your husband, and are now D/DD cup. What’s the size increase due to? Pregnancy? Getting more weight? If you recenty become mother of a child who (like my daughter) only sleeps 6 hours every night, no wonder your partner is more stress, more tired and less available for bedroom sport.

- Maybe he’s having “external worries”: about his job, familly?… Many women nowadays still expect guys to take the initiative while they act like they can do it themselves. The end result being that both husband and wife stay in their corner expecting the other party to make the first move. If you need something just ask for it! A few times my wife came to sit on my lap and asked me to “fuck her right now!” and I was happy to please her :-) My best guess is to talk to him and tell him frankly what you think and how you feel. If it’s difficult for you to say, email him. Maybe I’m just and old fart, but dialogue has solved most of my couple problems. Make him notice that you walking nude in the house was enough to get raped a couple years ago and that now it’s barely enough to get noticed… Anyway, talk to him about how you feel! Maybe he’s worry about his job, about the mortgage, maybe the last-born isn’t letting him get enough sleep… Well, just ASK!

Do you have something to add? Please help “Willow Fox” and add your input below by adding a comment on this article. In the meantime, here are some pictures of Christy Marks from Scoreland so this post doesn’t stay totally pictureless… Enjoy :-)

Christy Marks Christy Marks Christy Marks

Christy Marks Christy Marks Christy Marks

Christy Marks Christy Marks Christy Marks

Click here to watch Christy Marks full set!

[Update: Christy Marks just opened her personal site! :-P ]

April 24, 2008

How about some busty strippers on your desktop?

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Nearly 2 years ago (time flies! :-) ) I wrote a post about Faith’s scene for VirtuaGirl2. Back then I really liked that concept of having girls stripping on my desktop :-) Now that I live with my partner, it’s not as easy to go in stripper bars as it was when I was a few years younger…

Anyways, I recently visited that site again and was pleasantly pleased with what I saw: They evolved into VirtuaGirlHD, and they know have even more pictures on their tour!

Their main software still work the same way: you can download an application that allows you to browse throught their extensive list of models and choose which one is gonna do a strip-tease for you. Of course there’s a fee if you want to watch all the girls, but a couple of girls are included in the free version which definately makes it worth downloading!

VirtuaGirlHD vgi0500p010039.jpg vgi0500p010049.jpg vgi0500p010076.jpg vgi0500p010131.jpg

All the models have a very glamour touch and if you love chicks in uniforms or nice outfits you’ll love their pics. Nurses, soldiers, cops, biker chicks, secretaries, evening dresses, … There’s a bit of everything in their scene browser. Also it’s worth noting that while their models are not specifically advertised as “busty” many of them are :-) Many cleavages have been enhanced, but there are still many great looking and 100% natural boobs as you can see by the pics above and below…

vgi0500p060000.jpg vgi0500p060095.jpg vgi0500p060102.jpg vgi0500p060181.jpg vgi0500p060191.jpg

After the soldier, the strip-tease of a hot and busty biker chick… I wouldn’t mind giving her a ride :-)

vgi0463p040016.jpg vgi0463p040049.jpg vgi0463p040064.jpg vgi0463p040108.jpg vgi0463p040141.jpg

And even if you’re not interested by the videos, the preview allows to download 8 HQ pics from each scene, which makes it the biggest amount of free downloadable pictures I’ve seen on a tour in a very long while…

Click here to download more amazing HQ pictures from VirtuaGirlHD!

April 12, 2006

More of Alison Angel’s tits

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One of my first post here was about Alison Angel and it’s high time I give you some more pics of her for those of you who prefer young teen tits :-)

Alison’s beauty and innocence never ceased to amaze me; on each picture set she looks like it’s her very first time in front of the camera. Anyway, here are some teaser pics of Alison Angel’s D-cup wonders…

Alison Angel Alison Angel Alison Angel Alison Angel Alison Angel Alison Angel
Come see more pics and download the full set from!

March 24, 2006

Alison Angel’s perfect teen tits

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Well, as the current poll (please vote!) seems to indicate you prefer young boobs, here are a selection of HQ pics of one of my favorite models: Alison Angel. Of course Alison doesn’t have a pair of G-cups like Faith does, but her all natural tits are extremely yummy and her annocent look and angel face (no pun intented) clearly makes up for her D-cup only.

Time to stare at the drooling material :-)

Alison Angel Alison Angel Alison Angel Alison Angel Alison Angel Alison Angel

See more pics on Alison Angel’s site, plus a 10MB, 2min sample movie! (middle of the page, left side).