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May 10, 2006

Kat Vixen flashing her assets in the stairs…

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I only blogged once about Kat Vixen so far, so let me tease you with some more pictures of her; this time in a very sexy black evening dress. I just love this busty redhead MILF and I love her naughty “come fuck me!” smile even more :-) Actually her site has that “picture of the day” feature so I added it in the sidebar of this site, so you can alternately see the daily picture of Kat Vixen, of Nikki Jackson and MC-Nudes. Enjoy! :-)

Kat Vixen in black evening dress Kat Vixen in black evening dress Kat Vixen in black evening dress
Kat Vixen in black evening dress Kat Vixen in black evening dress Kat Vixen in black evening dress
Come see more pics of her on…

May 9, 2006

Boobs delivered by truckloads

You probably noticed many of my recent posts (and probably many posts in the future) are about the following sites: BabyGotBoobs, BustyAndReal, JugFuckers, MommyGotBoobs & RacksAndBlacks; well here are the good news:
This blog is mostly about showing good free stuff, but some offers are too good to pass, so let me just mention this one quickly (I don’t want to sound spammy or anything :-) ). Anyway all the 5 sites above as well as a 6th one ( are now available with a single pass: That right, if you couldn’t choose which one to join, you now can join all of them at once. This most definately will give you more boob per buck than any other site or pass out there and you’ll be able to find out about the updates before I mention them here.

Ain’t that cool? 6 great sites for the price of one probably is the deal of the year for all the big boob fans! Ok, here’s the link :

And because I don’t want to make a picture-less post, here are for your enjoyment, some pics from Brandy Taylor:

Brandy Taylor Brandy Taylor Brandy Taylor Brandy Taylor Brandy Taylor Brandy Taylor

April 29, 2006

Samantha 38G licking Devyn Devine’s tit

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Is there anything more exciting than watching a very busty MILF licking another busty beauty? Even better than viagra, here’s the “Samantha 38G licking Devyn Devine’s DDD cleavage” wallpaper! Enjoy!

Samantha 38G licking Devyn Devine's tit
And because I’m in a good mood today, here are 3 more mouth-watering pics of Samantha 38G!
(Be fair and pay Devyn Devine a visit too :-) )
Samantha 38G Samantha 38G Samantha 38G licking her boobs

Note: Are you interested by me making more busty wallpapers or you don’t care? please leave a comment telling me your opinion on the issue :-)

April 20, 2006

Devyn Devine and her DDD juggs in black lingerie

Filed under: BBW, DDD-cup, Devyn Devine, Big Tit Patrol — HugeBoobLover @ 9:57 am

Ok, I must admit I’m totally in love with Devyn Devine.

I’ve always had a crush for petite curvy busty brunettes and Devyn is just that! I know I tend to fall in love easily for babes that have a DDD rack, but Devyn has something more that just makes her… well Divine indeed; Her beautiful eyes and her “come fuck me look” are certainly involved too now that I come to think about it :-)
For all the fans of this beautiful babe, here are some pics of my favorite picture set from her (again from BigTitPatrol) with her DDD wonders overflowing from yummy black lingerie.

Devyn Devyn dpic006.jpg Devyn
Devyn Devyn Devine Devyn Devine Devyn Devine
Note: Remember that she now have her own personal site at

April 14, 2006

Tit fucking 101 with Devyn Devine

Filed under: BBW, Tit Fucking, Cum on tits, DDD-cup, Devyn Devine, Big Tit Patrol — HugeBoobLover @ 10:54 am

Quite often I’ve been asked why I was so much a big tit lover and why I’d hardly consider any chick with anything under DD-cups as dating material.

Rather than a long talk, here’s the end of a pictorial of Devyn Devine (see here for the first part) that should help convince the tiny titties addicts that when it comes to tits, BIG is the way to go!

dpic223.jpg dpic225.jpg dpic232.jpg dpic2431.jpg
dpic354.jpg dpic363.jpg dpic359.jpg
Check BigTitPatrol for this complete scene and plenty of more juicy stuff!

Note: remember that Devyn opened her own personal site; come have a look!

April 8, 2006

Devyn Devine on the big tit patrol

Filed under: BBW, Tit Fucking, DDD-cup, Devyn Devine, Big Tit Patrol — HugeBoobLover @ 10:51 pm

I already blogged about Devyn Devine at bigboobdreams and Devyn Devine’s personal site a short while ago, but I came across a great scene from her that I really had to mention. It’s on a site I discovered recently, but the quality of their videos is great and they seem to have featured most of the famous busty babes on the modeling scene (including Gianna Michaels, Reina Leon, Alexis, Eden, Brandy Taylor and many others)

Devyn Devine Devyn Devine Devyn Devine Devyn Devine
Devyn Devine Devyn Devine Devyn Devine Devyn Devine
Get the complete serie and preview clips from Big Tit Patrol.

April 1, 2006

Devyn Devine’s personal site

Filed under: Cleavage, DDD-cup, Devyn Devine — HugeBoobLover @ 2:28 pm

I just blogged about Devyn Devine and I didn’t even know she had opened her own personal site mind you! Fortunatly there were a couple of readers more aware than I am to email me about it. appears to contain many videos and picture sets Devyn did on other sites, but there are plenty of exclusive content custom shot for her site too. Some of her busty friends (Like Brandy Taylor/Talore) are also featured. Definately worth the visit if you’re a Devyn fan!

Devyn Devine Devyn Devine Devyn Devine

March 31, 2006

Devyn Devine

Filed under: Cleavage, DDD-cup, BigBoobDreams, Devyn Devine — HugeBoobLover @ 10:17 am

I’ve just noticed I’ve never blogged yet about one of my favorite models: Devyn Devine (yes, I have about 200 favorite busty models! so what?! it’s just so hard to choose with so many beauties:-)).
Devyn has probably been featured on most of the big boobs related sites now but I never can get enough of her. The DDD boobs are very firm (you can definately tell from the way them move in her videos) and she also have that naughty “come play with me” look that I love so much :-)

Here are a few pics of her taken from the last update at

Devyn Divine De Devyn Divine
Devyn Divine Devyn Divine Devyn Divine

As a bonus here are 2 TGP galleries I found featuring Devyn: this one, also with pics from bigboobdreams, and this (hardcore) one from The video of the corresponding scene is hilarious BTW, at some point she’s lying on the carpet and the camera guy drops a dildo on her aiming between her boobs but as it’s a 15″ long double dildo it actually hits her in the face; don’t worry she wasn’t hurt and she had a great laugh while the camera guy said a very confused “oops, sorry honey…” :-)

Note: For the close-up and amateur fans, Devyn is also extensively featured at

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