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May 16, 2008

Tired of titty teasing? Here’s real hardcore action with busty chicks at CumOnJugs!

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Enough with titty teasing you ask? (BTW, yes I included a ‘contact’ link in the menu frame, but if you have requests please comments on my posts, it’s always nicer for the other readers to know what the others like or request)

Ok, especially for those of you who can’t be pleased with just some teasing/topless pictures, here are samples from a site which is specialized into cum covered titties! CumOnJugs has been around for quite a long while, but while it contains top-notch content, I don’t see it featured often on TGPs or other blogs…

All of the scenes of CumOnJugs feature the raunchiest hardcore action and all the girls most definately end up with their boobs covered of cum… Most scenes also feature titfucking too BTW :-)

One of their most recent updates was a scene with Terry Nova (named Terri Melody, when will models and porn producers stop changing names all the time!) where she proves that she’s not in the porn business just for money but she also seems to enjoy every second of the action!

Here are a few samples along as a few more pics from previous updates, visit the site tour if you want to download the scene trailers :D

Terry Nova at CumOnJugs Terry Nova at CumOnJugs Terry Nova at CumOnJugs Terry Nova at CumOnJugs

Terry Nova at CumOnJugs Terry Nova at CumOnJugs getting cum on her boobs Terry Nova at CumOnJugs getting cum on her boobs

CumOnJugs free pictures CumOnJugs free pictures CumOnJugs free pictures CumOnJugs free pictures 09-07-01-14.jpg

Click here to watch more cum covered boobs! :-)

May 6, 2008

My crush of the day: Amber Foxxx

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Did I ever feature Amber Foxxx here? I don’t think so… Which is weird because Amber Foxxx is definately the kind of woman I like: A redhead MILF, with a pair of FF juggs. She also does hardcore action with both guys and girls which doesn’t hurt.

Actually one partner doesn’t seem to please her because in most scenes on her site she’s either with several guys (being used as a sex toy by a group of black guys) or with several girls (trying their strap-on dildos on Amber). Amber’s site is really great if you’re not into titty-teasing but prefer to watch tits in hardcore action.

Ok, somehow I already feel like you’re not listening to me anymore, so let’s see the pictures right now :-)

Busty redhead MILF Amber Foxxx Busty redhead MILF Amber Foxxx Busty redhead MILF Amber Foxxx

Busty redhead MILF Amber Foxxx Busty redhead MILF Amber Foxxx Amber Foxxx

Amber Foxxx Amber Foxxx Amber Foxxx

May 26, 2007

Neat fansign from Terry and her 32FF juggs! Thank you Cel!

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If you’re a regular reader, you already know that not only XX-Cel is one of my favorite sites and I already blogged many times about XX-Cel here. Cel (yes, that’s the actual name of the site owner) is an absolute genious at finding new busty cuties and I very much enjoy my membership or his site.

Anyway, it seems Cel is also a fan of my blog because he made me (probably inspired by the previous fansigns I got) this uber-cool sign with one of his lastest find: Terry and her FF juggs.

Terry from XX-Cel

Isn’t she lovely?! Here’s the intro text that goes with the pictorial on XX-Cel that was made at the same time that this fansign:

Terry is once again a girl I saw on a couple websites and thought her breasts were magnificent. I also knew there was a pretty girl under the 2 pounds of make-up she had, and I was right! So I decided to present Terry to the XX-Cel fans as you’d be able to see her walking down the street, which is a bout a million times better. A real cute girl with real huge tits and a real small back! Wow, look at that stuff. Terry is from the Czech countryside, and usually hides her ample bosom in loose clothing, what a shame. Enjoy those 95 pics that I had a hard time to do because of a boner.

On the behalf of all the readers of, thank you Cel for proving us there are photographers that really care about their customers and go the extra mile to please the big boob fans!

Come See More Pics From Terry And Her 32FF Juggs at XX-Cel!

January 29, 2007

Dolly Arafat’s Incredible FF juggs

Filed under: BBW, FF-cup, BigTitsCurvyAsses, Dolly Arafat — HugeBoobLover @ 4:31 pm

(Plenty of new busty models popping up those days, so the next posts will be dedicated to new models)

After having uncovered Vanessa Del and Miss Deja, the guys from IncrediblePass are at back, hard at work, uncovering new busty models.

Their lastest discovery is named Dolly Arafat and is the proud owner of a great pair of double-FF cups. Here’s what BigTitsCurvyAsses’ tour says about Dolly:
Dolly is our very own Middle Eastern late bloomer having lost her virginity at 21. How does a Double FF girl make it to 21 without getting Tit Fucked at least once. Dolly is real estate agent by day and Score Magazine Big Boob Softcore model at night. If daddy ever found out she was doing hardcore porn he would ship her back home immediately! Watch those gigantic melons jiggle while Paulie rocks that fat booty.

A scene featuring Dolly is available on both Big Tits Curvy Asses and Arab Street Hookers; and of course you can get access to both sites via IncrediblePass.

Dolly Arafat Dolly Arafat Dolly Arafat

And here are some video screenshots of her scenes for ArabStreetHookers…

Dolly Arafat Dolly Arafat ArabStreetHookers Dolly Arafat ArabStreetHookers Dolly Arafat ArabStreetHookers

Dolly Arafat ArabStreetHookers Dolly Arafat ArabStreetHookers Dolly Arafat ArabStreetHookers

And last but not least, a yummy Dolly Arafat video preview clip!

Watch her 2 scenes and plenty of busty babes at IncrediblePass!

November 20, 2006

Lisa playing with her FF natural wonders

Filed under: XX-Cel, FF-cup, Close-ups, Lisa — HugeBoobLover @ 7:05 pm

Apparently Cel from has really decided to amaze us by his capacity to find brand new busty models.

After Mariana, Kapucine, Diana and a few more beauties I didn’t feature here yet, he managed to uncover Lisa. This is the very first time this 23yo french brunette posed topless and she really did great!

One can tell from the pics and video that she really enjoyed posing naked… And we’re definately enjoying watching her! :-D

Oh, and let’s all thank Cel for giving me the sample pictures below so I can post them here! Too many sites owners don’t show much consideration for their users and the fans of their models, but Cel is really a nice guy who loves to share his passion with other webmasters, so show him some love by visiting his site!)

Lisa from XX-Cel Lisa from XX-Cel Lisa from XX-Cel Lisa from XX-Cel

Lisa from XX-Cel Lisa from XX-Cel Lisa from XX-Cel Lisa from XX-Cel

Come see more of Lisa and her FF juggs on XX-Cel’s tour!

April 25, 2006

Joana now has her own site too!

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It seems there are more and more busty models opening their own personal sites nowadays and that’s great news for all the big tit fans. Too often when we’re after a specific model we end up joining “megasites” that only feature a couple pictorials/videos of our favorite babe. On the other hand, personal sites (or “single model sites” as they’re also called) allow us to see a site that’s totally dedicated to our favorite model of the moment.

I previously blogged about Devyn Devine getting her own site, about Karen Udder’s site, now it’s Joana’s turn to get her own site! yay! :-)

I already blogged twice about this stunning green-eyed brunette who can lick her own nipples, but the good news Joana’s fans have been waiting is here: she now has her own website:! That’s right: a website totally dedicated to this busty babe from Romania and her yummy pair of FF-cups. Here are some sample pictures; visit her site if you need more appetizer pics :-)

Joana Joana Joana Busty Joana
Joana's yummy ass and pussy Joana at the beach Joana holding her tits Joana masturbatingCome pay a visit to Joana’s new site!

March 19, 2006

Joana licking her yummy tits

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Am I the only one loving to look at a chick with an inviting smile while she’s licking her own cleavage? I really hope not!

Along with two girls kissing each other, a busty girl licking and kissing her own boobage is the most erotic thing I can think of. Of course if the girl have a smile to die for and insanely intense green eyes, well… :-)

Thanks (again!) to the XX-Cel crew, here are some beautiful pictures of Joana taking oral care of her own boobage. Joana: If your tongue ever feels sore, please contact me :-)

Joana Joana Joana Joana

Joana’s pictures in this blog entry are from

March 16, 2006

Busty Brunette Joana

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Although it’s not (yet!) a household name in the big natural boobs arena, is quickly accumulating great picture series and videos about the most beautiful busty babes out there and Joana seems to be one of their favorite target. This young brunette not only have a pair of juggs to die for but a pair of eyes to match. Enjoy!

Joana Joana Joana