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May 15, 2008

Big Boob Daily News: Sheyla Hershey/Almeida wants bigger tits than Lolo Ferrari!

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Sheyla Hershey says she wants breast implants to enlarge her already FFF bust. The 28-year-old mother (a Brazilian actress who currently lives in Texas) has already had eight surgeries to achieve her current size, but she says that isn’t enough. The Texan says it’s her dream to have larger breasts, actually she wants to beat Lolo Ferrari’s record.

“I want to look better each day, every day. Everybody’s got a dream inside, you know?” she says. “And, it’s good when you can make your dream come true.”

Hershey already holds the record for largest breast implants in Brazil’s version of the Guinness Book of World Records. Her size FFF breasts already hold two quarts of silicone each. Texas law prevents Hershey from getting anymore implants. The limit in the state is 1,000 cubic centimeters of silicone in each breast, which is why this time she’ll get her 9th boobjob in California to reach size GGG.

I haven’t found any topless pics of her yet, but considering her boobage is fake (ok, “enhanced”), I think it really looks great! Just have a look at her pictures:

Sheyla Hershey Sheyla Hershey Sheyla Hershey

Sheyla Hershey Sheyla Hershey Sheyla Hershey

Sheyla Hershey FFF boobs 400_shershey_fffhousewife_080509_falkimaginginternational.jpg 400_shershey_yellow_fffhousewife_080509_falkimaginginternational.jpg

Sheyla Hershey Brazilian Sheyla Hershey 95043_sheyla_hershey_celebutopia_net_959_122_1161lo.jpg

Doesn’t she look fabulous? I’m reallly not sure putting more silicone in her tits will actually improve her looks or not, but somehow I feel like we’re going to hear more about this woman soon :-)

Update: It seems she’s actually more known under the name ‘Sheyla Almeida’, also just look at this preview from the lastest update on Denise Milani’s site:

Sheyla and denise milani

Aren’t they gorgeous? :-D

September 27, 2006

Alice and her amazing TRIPLE-F juggs

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Know what? I’m in love! (Yes, again! :-D )

I actually already saw that scene a while ago, but I really couldn’t remember where I saw it which pretty much pissed me off as I lost it in a harddisk crash. So today is a day of joy as I see this scene featured on! I already talked about this site back in May, but it continues to deliver :-)
The best part of the scene is when Alice puts her FFF-cups to good use around the guy’s cock while she licks it with her pierced tongue. Definately a must-see scene! (BTW, this site offers a $5 for 3 days trial, so it’s a great way to download all the scenes from the tour and many more; If you’ve never joined a premium site yet, this is definately one of the best place to try :-) )

Here are 10 screenshots from the video:

Alice from Alice from Alice from Alice from

Alice from Alice from Alice from Alice from

Alice from Alice from

May 24, 2006

Miss Deja: Natural 44FFF juggs

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Right on the heels of Mariana’s first appearance (about which I blogged here and here) another very busty black babe appeared under a new light at Miss Deja and her FFF boobs (yeah, that’s triple-F, I just added this category to by blogging software just for her) had already been seen on a couple of websites so far, but only in soft/nude solo action.

Fortunately the guys from (who run were around and did the necessary to convince her to be much wilder; in their own words:
Ms Deja is a real Hood Rat magazine big boob model with a real attitude problem, who has only done nude layouts for Score Mag. Ms. Deja thinks she’s some ghetto superstar! She has never fucked a guy on camera! She was totally against doing a boy/girl scene and especially not a white boy Cracker Ass motherfucker, if you know what I mean. It took me 6 months of negotiating and it was always, no no no!

So I took my wallet out and let the money do the talking and the bullshit do the walking. Her ghetto really came out when I said “shoot 2 boy/girl scenes for us, fuck swallow cum and I will give you $5,000 USD for these scenes.�? This is 100% true. She got paid and got laid, literally. This is her first scene ever her tit size is 44FFFs and they’re Natural!!! Does that stands for Fuck, Fucking, Fucked, 44 times! Imagine just losing your cock in between these gargantuan tetas! There’s no cock that cant get lost in there. You gotta see these to believe it! Her titties are so big they got different zip codes. Watch for Miss Deja on other websites in weeks to come!

Some screenshots of the video:

Miss Deja 44FFF Miss Deja 44FFF Miss Deja 44FFF Miss Deja 44FFF

Miss Deja 44FFF's black boobs Miss Deja 44FFF's black boobs Miss Deja 44FFF

Check BigTitsCurvyAsses for more preview pics!