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October 18, 2011

HugeNaturalsLovers more ’social network compatible’ and introducing Sexy Venera (and some Terry Nova hardcore pics for good mesure)

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(yes that’s probably my longest article title ever so far! :-) )

I’m trying to concentrate more on the content I’m posting than on the actual technical details of this website but the Internet has changed a bit since march 2006 when I started this blog. In particular everybody now has either a facebook account or a twitter account or is using Google bookmarks, etc… So in order to help you to share your favorite pics/posts from this blog, I’ve added a little menu at the bottom right corner of the pages. If you hover on it with the mouse, it allows you to share the current page with your boob loving friends :-) It’s free, don’t hesitate to abuse it!

So be nice with your other boob loving friends and let us know when there’s an update you love here! :-)

Well, I really couldn’t make a post without any pics, could I ?

Today’s pictures are courtesy from I’m probably not blogging enough about this fine site, but while not as big as Scoreland, it features an amazing amount of content! Let me first introduce you to Sexy Venera… She’s from Greece is the proud owner of a 34G bust that she loves to use to tease guys!

Not enough? :-) Ok, here are some samples from another set (check the model directory on DDFBusty for samples of the other sets of Sexy Venera)

And while every reader already knows Terri Nova, I just loved her last hardcore threesome video! I think it’s the first time I see a busty girl squeezing 2 big cocks between her armpits and her huge juggs… Seems like the 3 of them had tons of fun making that scene :-P

October 6, 2011

Busty Girls Group Action At!


To make up for the end of summertime, I figured I’d cheer you up with some busty girls flashing their boobs in a sunny place! :-) As it happens, I always loved busty girl/girl action. Not necessarily real lesbian action, but I just love to watch busty chicks make out and grope each others boobs!

XLGirls recently published some great sets featuring threesomes and foursomes of busty beauties having fun together.

As a tease here are some samples from a set featuring Micky, Gya and Terri Jane playing with water-guns and then oiling each others boobs! No real lesbian action, but still I loved it!

And now, another scene (my favorite!) where no less than 4 (Four!) BBW beauties: Samantha, Bailey Santanna, Renee Ross and Reyna Mae participate in a wild “nipple sucking orgy”.

I’d give half of my fortune to be able to spend a night in the middle of these 8 enormous boobies! Fortunately there are talented professionals who can shoot this amazing content for all the boob lovers! :-)

(just give their 3-day $2.99 offer a try, you won’t regret it! you can afford a $3 purchase, can’t you? It’s really worth it! :-) )

December 20, 2008

Happy Christmas from Claudia-Marie!

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Real life is still keeping me extremely busy so I unfortunately still can’t update this blog as often as I’d want to, but I definately couldn’t let you without some special xmas season pictures…

Our “XMas Bunny” this year is Claudia-Marie, I’m not going to re-introduce her to you because I’ve already blogged many times about her and her amazing G-cup tits, so as I did in many of my recent posts, I’m going to keep the babble short and post the pics (xmas special: 18 pics!) :-P

Isn’t she amazing? *drool* ok, I shut up and post the rest of the pictures! :-D

Be nice to Claudia-Marie an check her site out! (and download 4 pics + 1 movie trailer for her most recent scenes! :-) )

July 25, 2008

Daphne Rosen’s Boobs in Bondage/BDSM/Femdom action!

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Although I don’t mention it often, I quite often get requests via the contact form. While some are explicit (Asking to feature a specific model, or more black chicks, …), some are less easy to handle.

Specificaly, I’ve been asked twice this month to try to feature something a bit different of the “standard solo girls titty-teasing” and of the “standard porn scene: teasing-blowjob-fuck-anal-facial”. Fair enough, I had a long thought about this and finally decided to post busty BDSM pictures :-)

It seems like there aren’t too many very busty models involved in fetish/BDSM erotica/porn because it Daphne Rosen and her G-cup boobstook me quite a while to find one, but thankfully Daphne Rosen and her yummy (although not quite natural) G-cup boobs seem to be the exception: this Boston-based cutie shot many extremely kinky scenes involving: her pegging (ie: fucking with a strap-on dildo) a guy, her being fucked while bounded, her whipping an innocent schoolgirl, and a few more… I know that not all of us like this kind of “deviant” fantasies, but in my book all fantasies that involve consentant adults are fine.

I must admit I’m not so much a bondage fan myself, but Daphne’s strap-on dildo scene is absolutely burning hot… At the beginning of the scene she’s wearing a very sexy business suit and is getting fucked by a guy, but very quickly the roles are exchanged and she’s the one ending up fucking her fuck-buddy.

BTW, please don’t post silly “That’s gay!” comments! Prostate massages has absolutely nothing to do with being sexually arounsed by people of the same gender. It’s just very unfortunate that one of the most arousing (when stimulated correctly) part of the male anatomy is located there. I guess that’s the price we have to pay for not having periods and headaches… If you don’t like this kind of scenes, you can always drool on the ones where Teacher Daphne spanks a schoolgirl or where she’s getting bondaged and used like a fuck-toy :-)
Anyway, here are some sample pictures of Daphne Rosen and her G-cups involved in several different BDSM activities and roles (Daphne actually seems to love to be the dominatrix as much as she loves to be the slave), enjoy and see the links below for the movie trailers! :-P

See this page to get the list of all Daphne Rosen’s Kinky BDSM scenes.

Also downloadable trailers are available from the following pages (scroll down on the pages to find them) : Strap-on Femdom scene, Bondage scene, Dominant Teacher scene.

July 22, 2008

Thank you Claudia-Marie!

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I hope that by now you’re a regular reader of my blog, and if you are you probably know that I got to meet Claudia-Marie and a few other busty angels in Amsterdam last year.

While I’m at it, here are a few more pictures from that event that I didn’t post yet :-P

Claudia-Marie at WMA 2007 Claudia-Marie at WMA 2007 Claudia-Marie at WMA 2007

Claudia-Marie at WMA 2007 Claudia-Marie at WMA 2007 Claudia-Marie at WMA 2007

Ok, here are the good news now! I’ve recently been in contact with Claudia-Marie and her photographer on a forum and they promised they’d send me a very nice fansign for my blog…

I only had to wait for a couple of days to get the two following pictures to land in my mailbox:

Claudia-Marie fansign Claudia-Marie fansign

Isn’t that cool? :-D

“HugeNaturalsLovers say thank you too Claudia-Marie! :-P

Over the last year, I could check by myself that Claudia-Marie’s site is updated really often (about weekly) and there’s a lot of variety in her content! I mean: many “solo model sites” feature always the same girl in the same room posing the same way, but only wearing different clothes in each set. On the other hand Claudia-Marie’s site features: Anal, Girl/Girl, Threesomes, Candid pics, InterRacial and even some totally amazing stuff like the Interracial gangbang with Kayla Kleevage.

If you ever get bored while browsing her member are you’re probably the most jaded guy in the world :-P

Now be nice to Claudia-Marie an check her site out! (at least to download 4 HQ pics + 1 trailer for each of her most recent scenes! :-) )

June 28, 2008

Alicia Loren and Micky on webcam just for you?!

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Don’t you sometimes wish you could direct your own porn scene? Or even better, have the performer for you alone?

A few years ago, I had a girlfriend who’s fantasy was to be given instructions to follow, so when we “played” together I often started by sitting in a corner of the room while she was on the bed and I asked her to start masturbating, or lick her nipples (Yes, she could do that, was my only GF that could actually although she only was a DD-cup), or finger her ass, she was basically up for anything and the kinkier I got, the more she loved it. It’s too bad webcams weren’t popular back then because I’m sure she could have been an amazing webcam host.

While I usually enjoy porn movies because it allows me to watch them when I want and also to fast-forward or rewind as I see fit, it’s still missing a lot of interactivity.

I never blogged much about webcams much so far because every time I looked I had a hard time finding correct cam sites with enough hosts having really HUGE tits. So far ‘ImLive Boobs‘ is the best one I could find: always plenty of very busty performers at any time of the day, but there also are quite a few big tits models/pornstars that have an account and perform there on a regular basis!

Ever fantasized to have some 1-on-1 quality time with Alicia Loren, Micky or another of the models I usually feature here? Then look no more, you need an account on ImLive (yes, the girls do their show for a fee, but with a free account you can already access all their picture galleries and you can also Text-IM the girls which is already great :-P )
Ok, here are the screenshots from webcam shows of Alicia and Micky, enjoy! (sorry for the low quality, but video snapshots hardly ever look very good)

Alicia “36JJ” Loren (login: simpatique)

Alicia Loren(simpatique) on webcam Alicia Loren(simpatique) on webcam Alicia Loren(simpatique) on webcam Alicia Loren(simpatique) on webcam

Alicia Loren(simpatique) on webcam Alicia Loren(simpatique) on webcam Alicia Loren(simpatique) on webcam

Click here to watch Alicia Loren(simpatique)’s webcam page!

And now the screenshots from Micky(login: HornySexyTits69)

Busty Micki on her webcam Busty Micki on her webcam Busty Micki on her webcam Busty Micki on her webcam

mi05.jpg Micky mi07.jpg Busty micki at imlive

Click here to see Micky’s webcam page !

While I’m at it I should also mention that Alexandra Moore also have a webcam page at Imlive!

Kristina Milan also does camshows on ImLive BTW, see here for her profile!

June 23, 2008


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I’ve already blogged a few times about my last trip in Amsterdam in 2007 and about my dinner with Claudia-Marie and Maria Moore, but as I’m pondering whether I should be going to the 2008 edition I just realised I had many pics of another very busty performer that I didn’t make public here yet: Faith from InBedWithFaith!

Ok, here are the pics:

Faith in Amsterdam Faith in Amsterdam Faith in Amsterdam

Faith in Amsterdam Faith in Amsterdam _mg_4637.jpg

On the 1st picture above your can recognize her with Maria Moore in the background, on the 2nd picture Faith is with Chloe Dove and Elisha Jade, on the third picture, you can even see ME between the 2 above mentioned ladies.

Since I’ve been able to meet her “In Real Life”, my opinion may be tainted but now that I’ve met a few adult performers, let me just say that Faith is just special in this universe. She have no problem posing with fans (see one of the pics above), she just happens to be as cool on her pictures than she really is in real life! Ok, now let’s now watch the samples from one of Faith’s lastest pictorials!

Faith from inbedwithfaith in fetish outfit Faith from inbedwithfaith in fetish outfit Faith from inbedwithfaith in fetish outfit

Faith from inbedwithfaith in fetish outfit Faith in Amsterdam Faith from inbedwithfaith in fetish outfit

Faith from inbedwithfaith in PVC outfit faith09.jpg faith08.jpg

Click here to watch Faith’s site preview!

(You, REALLY want some interresting info about her?! Ok, her real first name isn’t Faith but “Lisa”… But I’ll tell you more in my next post unless you manage to find you by yourself until then…}

June 1, 2008

Some great glamour and hardcore pictures of Claudia-Marie

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It’s been 4 months since I last posted about Claudia-Marie, so here are some more pictures of my favorite blonde MILF :-P
BTW, for those of you who are new comers on my blog, make sure you read this previous post: I had dinner with Claudia-Marie and Maria Moore! Every time I look at pictures of her, it reminds me about this dinner and how sweet and fun she also is in real life!

Blonde MILF Claudia-Marie Blonde MILF Claudia-Marie Blonde MILF Claudia-Marie

Blonde MILF Claudia-Marie Blonde MILF Claudia-Marie Blonde MILF Claudia-Marie

Doesn’t she look totally amazing in that green dress? :)

Blonde MILF Claudia-Marie MILF Claudia-Marie MILF Claudia-Marie MILF Claudia-Marie MILF Claudia-Marie

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