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March 31, 2011

Angela White first hardcore scene!

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There are some models who never seem to be interested into making hardcore scenes but that’s okay because we don’t really care, and then there are some models we’re craving to see in a hot hardcore scene.

Yes, Angela White did a few hot lesbian scenes with Christy Marks or with Chloe B at, but all of us who wanted to see her play with a cock had to crave until today…

The good news is that the good folks at ScoreLand just managed to convince Angela to perform a handjob and a titfuck in front of a camera. And the best of all: three more hardcore scenes with her have been shot, including a threesome with Maggie Green and an extremely lucky guy! I just can’t wait! 2011 is still in its first months, but I’m already sure Angela’s first hardcore scenes will be the most striking busty porn news of the year.

Are you sure you really want to see her in POV playing with a big cock like it’s yours?! :-P Ok, here goes:

Click here to see the full first Hardcore Scene of Angela White!

But Wait! If you don’t like “recorded scenes” because you prefer more interactive porn, Angela White is also doing daily webcam shows! What more could we possibly ask for? :-P

I don’t have recordings of her last shows, but still I managed to save some screenshots; they really don’t do justice to her live performances, but it’s better than nothing I guess; enjoy!

Click here to catch Angela White on her Webcam (ImLive)

Bonus: and here’s a picture from her 2nd scene: Angela White blowjob

February 26, 2010

Christy Marks loves Angela White

Filed under: Teens, Busty Lesbians, H-cup, GG-cup, Glamour, Christy Marks, Wet Boobs, Angela White — HugeBoobLover @ 3:17 pm

I do know that Christy Marks and Angela White are among your favorite busty girls, so I just couldn’t pass this update on Christy’s site featuring burning hot lesbian action with Angela. A beautifull beach, 2 hot and busty chicks, actually the only thing that’s missing in this pictorial is me ;-)

But Christy Marks also had fun with other females like in this set (no real “lesbian” action, but very hot nevertheless):

And just because I love my faithful readers so much, I couldn’t help to had these pictures from a solo set. Yes, I do know I’m weird, but I’ve always had a fantasy for chicks in majorette uniform, so you can imagine how much I love these pictures of Christy Marks trying to fit her enormous tits in her majorette uniform… Now, that I think about it, I think I’ll try to get a “Honk if you love majorette porn!” bumper-sticker! :-)

Of course, you must check Christy Marks’ tour to watch the trailers and samples of her most recent updates!

February 26, 2009

Angela White and Chloe B: Amazing pictures from Abby Winters!

Filed under: Teens, Busty Lesbians, GG-cup, Angela White, Chloe B, Abby Winters — HugeBoobLover @ 9:31 pm

Ever heard about Abby Winters?

Well, just in case you didn’t she’s an Australian photographer who became famous as a photographer of natural beauties from this fine country.

While most websites seem to love models who have a 1 inch thick make-up, Abby Winters (along with XX-Cel) is one of the very few which really focus on the natural beauty of the busty girls we love so much; I’ve been waiting for a long time to be allowed to display pictures from Abby’s site but the wait is finaly over!

One of my favorite models on her site is Angela White; she’s been featured on some other sites already, but as far as I know Abby Winters is the site with the biggest number of pictorials and videos of her! Just in the (unlikely) case you don’t see who Angela White is, here are some pictures of her awesome smile, grey eyes and GG-cup boobs!

Of course, not all models from Abby Winters sites are busty as we like them, but still many have some boobage that I’d love to play with… Here are some pictures of Chloe B; she made several pictorials on Abby’s sites and above all, she made a lesbian scene with Angela White which, in my humble opinion of course, is one of the best erotica scene I’ve seen in the last 5 years, so if you’re still wondering if you should use your credit card for the first time to buy an access on a premium porn site, the answer is : Just go have a look at Abby Winters’ site! If you join make sure to take the ‘girl-girl’ pass, because Chloe and Angela made a lesbian scene which happens to be one of my all time favorite videos (and I’ve been watching online porn a couple hours per day for over 10 years now which says a lot :-) )

Another reason why you really MUST visit Abby’s site: the preview contains lots of downloadable HQ pics a dozen of 1 minute-long clips! :-P

Click here to download more pics and clips from Abby’s preview!

September 24, 2008

A small tribute and a happy birthday to Chloe Vevrier ’s GG-cups!

Filed under: Mature, Artistic Nude, Cleavage, Redheads, GG-cup, Glamour, Chloe Vevrier — HugeBoobLover @ 4:57 pm

As I browsed the list of all the models I’ve been featuring on my site, I just noticed I never talked yet about Chloe Vevrier! That’s a real shame because she’s one of the very first busty models I admired when I got my first Internet access back in… 1992. During nearly 10 years she modeled mostly for Scoreland, and in 2001 she started to shoot content only for her own site which is why she’s so rare by now…

For those of you who never heard about Chloe Vevrier yet, she’s a German citizen (from the former East Germany actually) and she wears GG-cup bras. You probably won’t believe it, but last week (september 18th to be precise), Chloe celebrated her 40th birthday (yes you read it well, that’s four-zero!).

It’s also worth mentioning that Chloe’s pictures are among the most glamorous that you’ll be able to find as far as big natural tits are concerned and that over the years, her site built up a BIG pile of burning hot stuff! :D

Ok, somehow I think you already scrolled down to watch the pictures, so why should I bother writing more about her anyway… :-P :-P :-P

Chloe Vevrier Chloe Vevrier Chloe Vevrier

Chloe Vevrier Chloe Vevrier Chloe Vevrier

Chloe Vevrier Chloe Vevrier Chloe Vevrier

Chloe Vevrier Chloe Vevrier Chloe Vevrier

Chloe Vevrier Chloe Vevrier Chloe Vevrier

This way to visit Chloe Vevrier’s site and its 7 years of archived sets and videos!

July 11, 2008

Anya flashing her boobs AND pussy for XX-Cel

Filed under: XX-Cel, Anya Sakova / Merilyn, Close-ups, GG-cup — HugeBoobLover @ 3:42 pm

Sorry for the delay, but I’m currently doing heavy work in my new (well, new… 2 yrs old now) appartment and I don’t have so much time to post here. Currently the kitchen is under heavy work and once it’s done I’ll work on totally redoing the bathroom.

But somehow I think you’re not very interested by my real estate stories and that you came on this blog more to look at big tit pictures than to hear me complain about how my wife is (ab)using me as a construction worker… :-P

Anyways, I thought after this hard work I could spend some time watching Anya’s lastest set on XX-Cel.

Anya  Anya Anya Anya

anya-05.jpg Anya Sakova merilyn Anya Sakova merilyn Busty Anya Merilyn

This chick is really amazing, isn’t she? But in the very unlikely case you could get bored by her heavy GG natural wonders, Cel in the lastest set he published gave us a glimpse of “Inside Anya” :-)

Do you wish you could be “inside Anya”? I sure would! :-P

Busty Anya Sakova anya-10.jpg anya-11.jpg anya-12.jpg

anya-13.jpg anya-14.jpg anya-15.jpg anya-16.jpg

Come Watch More of Anya at XX-Cel!

April 4, 2008

Busty MILFSoup with Holly Halston, Friday, Deauxma and Samantha 38G :-)

Filed under: Mature, Samantha 38G, Housewife, DD-cup, G-cup, Friday, GG-cup, Holly Halston, Hardcore, Deauxma — HugeBoobLover @ 12:26 am

MILFSoup may sound like a weird name for an adult site, but this brand new (to me at least) site is coming handy as I’m trying to do my best to alternate post featuring “busty teens” and “busty milf/mature ladies”.

Indeed, the name MilfSoup is a direct reference to the age-slice of the featured models, but all their models are a D-cup at least! I’m still very…. *ahem* busy watching their scenes, but if like me your also into busty milfs, all our favorite models are present: Deauxma, Samantha 38GG, Holly Halston, Linda Friday, Puma Swede, Ava Devine and then some! :-)

All the scene have a decent plot and have a very good image quality which is nice because there’s nothing to distract our mind from the action… Yes, the milf performers are acting, but nobody will believe it’s “only” acting… I’m sure most of them are horny MILFs in real life too! :-)

It’s still a bit early this month for me to be able to post some movie trailers (I usually do so when on the 25th, I see I still have a good part of my bandwidth quota to burn), but as usual I’m gonna show you plenty of yummy pictures. If you want to see the preview clips, there are about 10 of them downloadable from the site tour!

Deauxma’s scene is amazing, it’s the first time in a long while I see a performer taking on 3 guys in a raw! Deauxma definately have lots of stamina when it comes to sucking guys half her age… :-)

Busty Milf Deauxma at MILFSoup Busty Milf Deauxma at MILFSoup

Busty Milf Deauxma at MILFSoup Busty Deauxma

Friday is the head of a wine class that is thrown every Thursday. So she was doing her usual teaching the class, when one of his students started to fantasize about her. He started daydreaming. He imagined Friday sucking her cock, then they took one of the chairs and they started doing cowgirl and reverse cowgirl.

Friday at MilfSoup Friday at MilfSoup Friday at MilfSoup

Friday at MilfSoup Friday at MilfSoup

Holly Halston and Samantha 38GG being among my absolute favorite models I of course couldn’t resist posting some pics from their scenes too! Enjoy! :-)

Holly Halston (who’s always wearing amazingly hot clothes, but this red suit looks amazing on her):

Holly Halston at MilfSoup Holly Halston at MilfSoup Holly Halston at MilfSoup Holly Halston at MilfSoup Holly Halston at MilfSoup

And last but not least Samantha 38GG. She once again demonstrated that she have amazing titfucking skills to a young lucky dude who couldn’t believe his eyes (and cock!) :-)

Samantha 38G at MilfSoup Samantha 38G at MilfSoup Samantha 38G at MilfSoup

Samantha 38G at MilfSoup Samantha 38G at MilfSoup Samantha 38G at MilfSoup

Click here to download all the movie samples from MilfSoup’s tour!

April 2, 2008

April McKenzie’s Juggs

Filed under: Tit Fucking, Cum on tits, HH-cup, BigTitsCurvyAsses, GG-cup, April Juggs, Nikki Castro — HugeBoobLover @ 12:38 pm

Ok, to apologize for yesterday’s april fools post, here are some major melons in hardcore action! ;-)

As you may have noticed from my previous posts I’m currently trying to feature all the models that I’ve not been talking about yet, but who most definately deserve to be featured here…

So today I’d like to introduce you to April McKenzie and Nikki Castro; as it happens they both recently made hardcore scenes for BigTitsCurvyAsses, so you can watch both scenes with the same access! Anyways I don’t have much time to blog today, so I’ll just shut up now and let you admire the free pictures of April and Nikki (respectively GG-cups and HH-cups) :-)

April McKenzie 's GG juggs April McKenzie 's GG juggs April McKenzie 's GG juggs April McKenzie 's GG juggs April McKenzie 's GG juggs

April McKenzie 's GG juggs April McKenzie 's GG juggs

April McKenzie 's GG juggs April McKenzie 's GG juggs

I’ve also just found out that April McKenzie also have her personal site, so expect more samples from her soon! ;-)

And since you’re into big titted hardcore action, here are a few pictures of Nikki Castro’s recent update. This chick definately is wild in bed :-)

Nikki Castro Nikki Castro Nikki Castro Nikki Castro

Click here to download the trailer of April McKenzie and Nikki Castro’s hardcore scenes!

March 17, 2008

Introducing Edo’s 34F boobs and some pics from Merilyn, Ines Cudna and Michelle Monaghan

Yet another new model?! Yes, yet another new model, and a very busty one at that!

One of the photographers working for DDFBusty has managed to uncover a cutie named ‘Edo’. Indeed her boobs are not as massive as Peggy’s from my previous post, but a pair of all-natural F-cups is still quite interesting. Edo doesn’t have the ’supermodel’ look that some of the busty models have, but I very much enjoyed her very natural look and her smile! How often do you see a model smile that much in front of the camera? :-)

Anyways, here are Edo’s stats:
Birth day: 1984-10-13
Bra size: 34F / 75F
Eye color : Brown
Nationality: Hungarian
Waist: 23″ / 58cm
Hair color : Brown
Height: 5′8 / 1.73cm
Hips: 35″ / 89cm

So what!? where you expecting for some samples now? Ok… here are some of them :-P

Busty model Edo nude Busty model Edo nude Busty model Edo nude Busty model Edo nude Busty model Edo nude Edo

But DDFBusty has been updated with some amazing content recently, so I think you may like to see a glimpse of the last updates:

Ines Cudna: 24yo model from poland. She’s the proud owner of a beautiful pair of 34DD boobs.

Ines Cudna Ines Cudna Ines Cudna

Michelle Monaghan: this busty british cutie has been featured on quite a few sites already, but seeing more of her never hurts :-) Michelle is 28yo and her bra size i- 34F.

Michelle Monaghan Michelle Monaghan Michelle Monaghan

And of course Merilyn Sakova… How could I mention DDFBusty without mentioning their amazing sets and videos with Merilyn. For those of you who are just coming back from Mars you may be interested to know that DDFBusty is the only site what got Merilyn to get fucked on camera. Yes, it was with a ‘fuck-machine’, but that still is the most hardcore content of Merilyn we’ve seen so far! The most amazing is that even after managing to decide Merilyn to shoot her first ever hardcore action for them, they don’t settle for it and continue to book Merilyn frequently for new photo shoots. Here are below some samples from her last updates wearing silver and gold outfits:

Gold and Silver Merilyn at ddfbusty Gold and Silver Merilyn at ddfbusty Gold and Silver Merilyn at ddfbusty Gold and Silver Merilyn at ddfbusty Gold and Silver Merilyn at ddfbusty Gold and Silver Merilyn at ddfbusty

Click here to see more busty babes from DDFBusty (click on the ‘model list’ link) !

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