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October 6, 2011

Busty Girls Group Action At!


To make up for the end of summertime, I figured I’d cheer you up with some busty girls flashing their boobs in a sunny place! :-) As it happens, I always loved busty girl/girl action. Not necessarily real lesbian action, but I just love to watch busty chicks make out and grope each others boobs!

XLGirls recently published some great sets featuring threesomes and foursomes of busty beauties having fun together.

As a tease here are some samples from a set featuring Micky, Gya and Terri Jane playing with water-guns and then oiling each others boobs! No real lesbian action, but still I loved it!

And now, another scene (my favorite!) where no less than 4 (Four!) BBW beauties: Samantha, Bailey Santanna, Renee Ross and Reyna Mae participate in a wild “nipple sucking orgy”.

I’d give half of my fortune to be able to spend a night in the middle of these 8 enormous boobies! Fortunately there are talented professionals who can shoot this amazing content for all the boob lovers! :-)

(just give their 3-day $2.99 offer a try, you won’t regret it! you can afford a $3 purchase, can’t you? It’s really worth it! :-) )

December 23, 2010

Cindy Milley finally shows her nipples! :)

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Every once in a while, it happens that a new model is pretty shy and doesn’t want to show it all… Of course, it’s very understandable that many (most?) models don’t want to do hardcore, but some are actually shy enough so they don’t even want to show their nipples :(

It used to be the case of Cindy Milley, so her first pictorials and movies featured only “non-nude” content. However as she matured she decided to please her fans and is now happy to proudly show her beautifull and very likable nipples in every scene! Thank you so much Cindy! :-)

And of course I need to back up my claims with some proofs, so here are 16 samples taken from some of her lastest sets.

Not only her H-cups are great, but don’t you think she has one of the cutest eyes and smile among all the busty models out there? Nevermind, here are a few more pics! :-P

Take a couple minutes to visit Cindy Milley’s site!

February 26, 2010

Christy Marks loves Angela White

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I do know that Christy Marks and Angela White are among your favorite busty girls, so I just couldn’t pass this update on Christy’s site featuring burning hot lesbian action with Angela. A beautifull beach, 2 hot and busty chicks, actually the only thing that’s missing in this pictorial is me ;-)

But Christy Marks also had fun with other females like in this set (no real “lesbian” action, but very hot nevertheless):

And just because I love my faithful readers so much, I couldn’t help to had these pictures from a solo set. Yes, I do know I’m weird, but I’ve always had a fantasy for chicks in majorette uniform, so you can imagine how much I love these pictures of Christy Marks trying to fit her enormous tits in her majorette uniform… Now, that I think about it, I think I’ll try to get a “Honk if you love majorette porn!” bumper-sticker! :-)

Of course, you must check Christy Marks’ tour to watch the trailers and samples of her most recent updates!

February 18, 2010

My survival kit on Internet: an email address and a subscription to Scoreland! :-)

It’s been a very long while that I’ve been around on the Internet and so far I’ve only found 2 things that I really absolutely couldn’t live without: my email address, because obviously I must have a way to reach people and my Scoreland access because obviously I need my daily dose of big boobs :-P .

I’m not good at marketing but here are the reasons why I think Scoreland is simply the best website for big boob lovers by far: It’s been around since 1997 AND it’s updated daily (yup, that’s about 5000 scenes!), You can download as many videos as you want to your hard drive in many different formats (HD, standard WMV, iPod, mobile phones, …), It’s not more expensive than the other sites, and Scoreland really have some of the hottest stuff there is when it comes to huge boobs!

If you love big boobs I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about Scoreland already, but if you never joined you really missed something! For only $3 you can get a 3-day membership…  That’s the best investment you can make: tons of videos and pictures to download for less than the price of a pint in a pub… Who said the crisis was everywhere?! :-) While all the cheap guys waste hours trying to find some good new wanking material, I know every day I just have to log on scoreland to have my daily fix of busty pr0n :-)

Anyways, it’s now time to show some titties… Well, here are some samples I saved from Scoreland’s latest updates; enjoy! :-D

(oh, and no it doesn’t mean the other premium sites are bad; but IMHO scoreland just beats them all)

Anna Song

Ashley “Sage” Ellison

Busty teens are great indeed, but since I know many of my faithful readers also enjoy busty MILFs here are some recent Scoreland samples of Harmony Bliss, Renée Ross, Michelle May (yum!) and… Minka… Yes, I know “natural boobs lovers” are not all big fans of Minka and her silicon bags, but she has that naughty look that just makes me horny each time I see her! :)

Harmony Bliss

Michelle May


Renée Ross

October 29, 2008

Schoolgirl Cindy Milley flashing her boobs!

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I can hardly believe it’s been nearly one year since I last talked about Cindy Milley and her yummy H-juggs, but unless by blogging software is lying to me, I absolutely had to repair this injustice and show off some pictures of Cindy in one of her last updates dressed with a schoolgirl outfit…

Ok, I know I’m now an old fart who’s about to be 40yo, but if the schoolgirls nowadays are only half as hot as Cindy Milley is, I don’t mind getting back to school for 10 more years!

It’s also worth pointing out that Cindy Milley have some topless pictures of her in her site, but she asks all her members not to duplicate them outsite of her site; so I’m following her wishes, but if you want a bit more than just cleavage and titty-teasing, Cindy also have some pictures (and videos!!!) for you :-P :-P

Be Nice And Visit Cindy Milley’s site!

August 21, 2008

At least! is live!

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The summer is ending, but I have good news for you: Christy Marks finally have her own website completely dedicated to her and her amazing H juggs!

I have yet to get some pics from her site (and of course I’ll post them here as soon as I get some), but if you’re a real Christy Marks fan (as I expect you are :-P ), this post contains: 12 pictures from her lastest gallery in Scoreland and a thumbnail board of one of her video scenes… Also be sure to check her tour as from there you can watch about 15 scene trailers (about 1 minute long each; of course they’re not the real deal: just teasers, but great teasers :-P )

Enjoy! :D

Christy Christy Christy

Christy Christy Christy

Christy Christy Christy

Christy Christy Christy

Christy Marks hardcore movie

Come watch the scene trailers on Christy Marks’ site preview!

Update: As promised, here are some pics from the first pictorial I could get from Christy’s site! :-P

Christy Christy Christy

Christy Christy Christy

Christy Christy Christy

Christy Christy Christy

June 19, 2008

Christy Marks, Anya Sakova and Holly Halston having fun at Scoreland…

[Update: Christy Marks just opened her personal site! :-P ]

Looking at my access statistics, I’ve noticed that Christy Marks and Merilyn/Anya Sakova have been the most searched for models since the beginning of this month. Well, considering they’re both H-cuppers, I’m not surprised :-)
That’s a good occasion for me to blog about the “mother-of-all big tit porn/erotica sites”: Scoreland which happen to have plenty of content featuring these 2 fine girls. Anya can actually be found on several other sites (BustyMerilyn or XX-Cel mostly) but with the exception of her very first and only hardcore scene, Christy Marks cannot be found anywhere else than on Score sites since she signed an exclusivity contract with them.

Let’s start with some pictures of Christy on the seashore:

Scoreland picture Scoreland picture Scoreland picture Scoreland picture

Isn’t she yummy? But my absolute favorite set of Christy Mark so far is this one:

Scoreland picture Scoreland picture Scoreland : Christy Marks in bride lingerie Bride Christy Marks

Ok, and since I’m not very likely to marry Christy Marks, I can always confort myself by looking at the lastest set from Anya :-P

Scoreland Anya Sakova / Busty Merilyn Scoreland Anya Sakova / Busty Merilyn Scoreland Anya Sakova / Busty Merilyn scoreland15.jpg

By the way: For those of us who love Busty MILF hardcore, you most likely been deceived by the fact that the uber-MILF Holly Halston was only doing scenes with her husband Troy Halston. Well, it happens she recently changed her mind and Scoreland recently released her first scene where she’s taking a cock that’s not her husband’s.

Scoreland picture Scoreland Holly Halston Scoreland Holly Halston

Well, actually Troy is there too, but he’s nice enough to share Holly with another guy. I didn’t have any doubt about it, but she’s more than totally able to take two cocks at once. In fact I burnt this scene on CD while I was writing this post to make sure I’ll keep a copy of this must-see video ;)

Click here to visit Scoreland!

June 9, 2008

Christy Marks going lesbian in High Definition with Gianna Michaels

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[Update: Christy Marks just opened her personal site! :-P ]

I must admit my computer is not extremely recent so I never really bothered to download the ‘HD’ version of movies. I did it a couple times but on my computer it just seemed to be the same thing but with a file that’s twice as long to download and twice as big to keep on hard disk.

However, I recently bought a 20″ LCD flat screen to replace my old 17″ CRT and one of the first thing I tried (as you can imagine :-) ) was to give another try at “HD Porn”. So far the only site where I’ve downloaded many movies from is ScoreHD, but I can already tell I’ve been extremely quickly converted to the benefits of HD movies. It can be summed up quickly: “Cristal clear picture quality on the full screen”.

It’s still too early this month to see how far I am with my bandwidth quota so I won’t post a big HQ sample here, but I’m sure you’ll love that anyway: One of my favorite scene so far at ScoreHD is a lesbian scene between Christy Marks and Gianna Michaels (which funnily all Score sites still call Gianna Rossi, her first stage name) and I got some (reduced) screenshots. Those are unfortunately far from the real quality of the video, but considering how popular Gianna Michaels and Christy Marks are, I’m sure you’ll all love this burning hot lesbian action.

Christy Marks and Gianna Michaels going lesbian at scorehd Christy Marks and Gianna Michaels going lesbian at scorehd Christy Marks and Gianna Michaels going lesbian at scorehd

052.jpg Christy Marks and Gianna Michaels going lesbian at scorehd Christy Marks and Gianna Michaels lesbian scene

The screencaps are shown in chronological order, but in case you couldn’t figure it out yourself: Christy Marks planned to have a good time with a dildo, but Gianna catches her and decides to give Christy a helping hand :-)

Christy Marks and Gianna Michaels lesbian scene Christy Marks and Gianna Michaels lesbian scene 22.jpg

Christy Marks and Gianna Michaels lesbian scene Christy Marks and Gianna Michaels lesbian scene 28.jpg

Click here to watch the full (18 minute long) scene in High Definition!

[Update: Christy Marks just opened her personal site! :-P ]

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