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February 18, 2010

My survival kit on Internet: an email address and a subscription to Scoreland! :-)

It’s been a very long while that I’ve been around on the Internet and so far I’ve only found 2 things that I really absolutely couldn’t live without: my email address, because obviously I must have a way to reach people and my Scoreland access because obviously I need my daily dose of big boobs :-P .

I’m not good at marketing but here are the reasons why I think Scoreland is simply the best website for big boob lovers by far: It’s been around since 1997 AND it’s updated daily (yup, that’s about 5000 scenes!), You can download as many videos as you want to your hard drive in many different formats (HD, standard WMV, iPod, mobile phones, …), It’s not more expensive than the other sites, and Scoreland really have some of the hottest stuff there is when it comes to huge boobs!

If you love big boobs I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about Scoreland already, but if you never joined you really missed something! For only $3 you can get a 3-day membership…  That’s the best investment you can make: tons of videos and pictures to download for less than the price of a pint in a pub… Who said the crisis was everywhere?! :-) While all the cheap guys waste hours trying to find some good new wanking material, I know every day I just have to log on scoreland to have my daily fix of busty pr0n :-)

Anyways, it’s now time to show some titties… Well, here are some samples I saved from Scoreland’s latest updates; enjoy! :-D

(oh, and no it doesn’t mean the other premium sites are bad; but IMHO scoreland just beats them all)

Anna Song

Ashley “Sage” Ellison

Busty teens are great indeed, but since I know many of my faithful readers also enjoy busty MILFs here are some recent Scoreland samples of Harmony Bliss, Renée Ross, Michelle May (yum!) and… Minka… Yes, I know “natural boobs lovers” are not all big fans of Minka and her silicon bags, but she has that naughty look that just makes me horny each time I see her! :)

Harmony Bliss

Michelle May


Renée Ross

January 8, 2009

Happy new year 2009 from Ashley and me! :)

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Hello and happy new year 2009 to all of my faithful readers out there! Double kudos to you if you’ve been reading this blog since my first posts back in 2006 :-)

I definately admit that I’ve not done a very good job at updating this blog often enough in 2008, but my 1st resolution for 2009 is : “Update this blog more often!”. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up a bit more this year as most of my personal/family issues are solved or on the verge to be so.

Anyways! Let’s start 2009 with Ashley, the busty and classy teen wearing a very sexy cocktail dress. Don’t you wish you could spend a whole candlelit dinner with this amazing beauty? :-) Cheers!

Come download more pictures of Ashley and her 32HH juggs from her preview!

October 9, 2008

Introducing Karina Hart ’s HH-cups in video! :-)

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If you love busty beauties masturbating in front of the camera, you’re gonna love this post! :-D

Although I’ve not featured Karina Hart on my blog yet, there are already many pictorials and videos of her on Scoreland, and since she was starting to get so many fans she decided to shoot many more scenes and to open her own personal site! yeay! :-)

I know I’m a bit backlogged with the updates on my site, but to try to make up for it, this time I’m giving you 4 HQ sample clips to download, enjoy! :-) (No hardcore (boy/girl) scenes of Karina have been published yet, but this girl most definately loves to suck her own nipples and to play with dildos… :) )

Karina Hart


Karina Hart dildoing


Click here to visit Karina Hart’s HH boobies :-P

September 15, 2008

Maria Moore and her natural HH juggs now have a home on the net :-)

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Maria Moore is one of the few busty pornstars I happen to have met personaly, so I really couldn’t pass mentioning this good piece of news: Maria Moore just opened her personal website!

I won’t write long about this extremely cool (and busty!) model because I already blogged quite a few times about her on my blog, but it’s really great that Maria now have her own site. I’ve not had much time to look around yet, but there seems to be quite a few nice (and unseen before!) picture sets and videos (solo and hardcore).

Here are some pics from one of my favorite sets :-P

Maria Moore Maria Moore Maria Moore Maria Moore

Maria Moore Maria Moore Maria Moore Maria Moore

Maria Moore Maria Moore Maria Moore Maria Moore

And while I’m at it, a few more pics I took of Maria Moore when I met her last year in Amsterdam… as you can see she’s always ready to pose and take pictures with her fans! :-) (and yes, the guy in the last picture is Celian from XX-Cel!)

Maria Moore partying Maria Moore posing with a fan Maria Moore with Celian

Be nice to Maria and click here visit her site and learn more about her :-)

September 4, 2008

Eden Mor at XX-Cel!

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A funny thing is that Cel is actually the guy who “discovered” Eden Mor back in 2003 and got her to pose for Scoreland, but as it happens Cel has not been able to set up a photoshoot since XX-Cel opened in 2005.

Well, that was the situation until a few weeks ago at least, because Cel finaly managed to take amazing pictures of this 24yo Israelian beauty! There are tons of things I could say about Eden Mor but I thing the pictures speak for themselves, so here are 12 HQ pics from the set that was posted today on XX-Cel! (and if you love busty girls playing together, rumor has it that Cel also made a couple photo/video shoots featuring Eden Mor AND another female; yes I know who the other performer is but he made me promise I wouldn’t repeat it until the set is published :-P )

Eden Mor Eden Mor Eden Mor

Eden Mor Eden Mor Eden Mor

Eden Mor Eden Mor Eden Mor

Eden Mor Eden Mor Eden Mor

Click here to download the full pictorial and the matching video at XX-Cel

(See here for Eden Mor’s personal site)

June 4, 2008

Plenty of free pictures to download from Juggmaster

I’m not quite sure if this trend is very recent or not, but it seems premium sites show less and less HQ pictures on their tour. While I understand they need to keep the best for their members, I like to have a good idea of what I’m about to see when I’m ready to get my credit card out.

While not being the most popular big tits site, Juggmaster has been around since 1999. Actually I’m pretty sure all of you already landed on that site one way or another. Juggmaster deserves lots of recognition from big boob fans because they uncovered many of the busty models we’re currently drooling on.

While it may sound silly, Juggmaster’s preview allows to download one fullsize image for each of the numerous models they feature on their site which is more than most of the other sites currently let us see; more importantly it allows us to have a much better idea about what they’re offering.

Here are some pics from Juggmaster, but there are about 50 pictures to download from their tour… What are you waiting for to visit it? :-P

vixensample2.jpg cara-05-13.jpg chaka-06.jpg

hj-14.jpg kore-0304.jpg lea-03j.jpg

missy-05-09.jpg sapphire-08.jpg surreal-06.jpg

May 22, 2008

Teasing MILF Loving Diana…

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A couple months ago I posted about Loving Diana and her 34HH natural wonders, but I just found out I had more pics of her, so I may as well post them here, right?

Actually Diana’s tour is great because on the ‘Pic of the day’ page, every day she updates with a new never seen before picture (not the same 5 pics in rotation like most of the other sites do)… Anyway here are 10 more pictures of this amazingly busty petite MILF; Enjoy :-) [Yes, that’s just a short update because it’s been a few days already I didn’t post, don’t worry my long rants will most definately be back in the next posts; for those of you who come here to read rather than only to watch the pics that is… :) ]

Busty MILF Loving Diana Busty MILF Loving Diana Busty MILF Loving Diana

Loving Diana Loving Diana Loving Diana LovingDiana

LovingDiana may-13-08.jpg may-14-08.jpg

April 2, 2008

April McKenzie’s Juggs

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Ok, to apologize for yesterday’s april fools post, here are some major melons in hardcore action! ;-)

As you may have noticed from my previous posts I’m currently trying to feature all the models that I’ve not been talking about yet, but who most definately deserve to be featured here…

So today I’d like to introduce you to April McKenzie and Nikki Castro; as it happens they both recently made hardcore scenes for BigTitsCurvyAsses, so you can watch both scenes with the same access! Anyways I don’t have much time to blog today, so I’ll just shut up now and let you admire the free pictures of April and Nikki (respectively GG-cups and HH-cups) :-)

April McKenzie 's GG juggs April McKenzie 's GG juggs April McKenzie 's GG juggs April McKenzie 's GG juggs April McKenzie 's GG juggs

April McKenzie 's GG juggs April McKenzie 's GG juggs

April McKenzie 's GG juggs April McKenzie 's GG juggs

I’ve also just found out that April McKenzie also have her personal site, so expect more samples from her soon! ;-)

And since you’re into big titted hardcore action, here are a few pictures of Nikki Castro’s recent update. This chick definately is wild in bed :-)

Nikki Castro Nikki Castro Nikki Castro Nikki Castro

Click here to download the trailer of April McKenzie and Nikki Castro’s hardcore scenes!

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