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October 6, 2011

Busty Girls Group Action At!


To make up for the end of summertime, I figured I’d cheer you up with some busty girls flashing their boobs in a sunny place! :-) As it happens, I always loved busty girl/girl action. Not necessarily real lesbian action, but I just love to watch busty chicks make out and grope each others boobs!

XLGirls recently published some great sets featuring threesomes and foursomes of busty beauties having fun together.

As a tease here are some samples from a set featuring Micky, Gya and Terri Jane playing with water-guns and then oiling each others boobs! No real lesbian action, but still I loved it!

And now, another scene (my favorite!) where no less than 4 (Four!) BBW beauties: Samantha, Bailey Santanna, Renee Ross and Reyna Mae participate in a wild “nipple sucking orgy”.

I’d give half of my fortune to be able to spend a night in the middle of these 8 enormous boobies! Fortunately there are talented professionals who can shoot this amazing content for all the boob lovers! :-)

(just give their 3-day $2.99 offer a try, you won’t regret it! you can afford a $3 purchase, can’t you? It’s really worth it! :-) )

July 10, 2011

Hitomi Tanaka is now also posing for!

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Yes, the picture above doesn’t lie! Hitomi Tanaka is now also posing for ScoreLand! Until now, the only place to find pictures or movies of Hitomi was to either import DVDs from Japan or to join, but as you may know in Japan the erotica producers have to pixelate the genitals of models. I know some of us don’t care much, but has it happens more of us DO care! :-)

Well, the good folks at were kind enough to pay Hitomi and her amazing J-cup boobs a trip to the USA so we’ll at least be able to watch her in non-pixelated movies!

Here are some samples from her first pictorial:

Yummy isn’t it? Ok, I also have a small video preview, so here is it below !

The best part of the video is the 2nd part where she titfucks a banana with lots of whipped cream! Yet another scene that’ll remain memorable to all the big boob lovers!

Click here to get more yummy samples on’s tour!

June 4, 2008

Plenty of free pictures to download from Juggmaster

I’m not quite sure if this trend is very recent or not, but it seems premium sites show less and less HQ pictures on their tour. While I understand they need to keep the best for their members, I like to have a good idea of what I’m about to see when I’m ready to get my credit card out.

While not being the most popular big tits site, Juggmaster has been around since 1999. Actually I’m pretty sure all of you already landed on that site one way or another. Juggmaster deserves lots of recognition from big boob fans because they uncovered many of the busty models we’re currently drooling on.

While it may sound silly, Juggmaster’s preview allows to download one fullsize image for each of the numerous models they feature on their site which is more than most of the other sites currently let us see; more importantly it allows us to have a much better idea about what they’re offering.

Here are some pics from Juggmaster, but there are about 50 pictures to download from their tour… What are you waiting for to visit it? :-P

vixensample2.jpg cara-05-13.jpg chaka-06.jpg

hj-14.jpg kore-0304.jpg lea-03j.jpg

missy-05-09.jpg sapphire-08.jpg surreal-06.jpg

June 17, 2007

Busty Newcomer Schoolgirl Keira And Her J-cups On BustyBritain

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Again I’ve been on and off, but here are some pictures of Keira.

This new model just appeared on BustyBritain and I just couldn’t help showing you some samples. I’m not sure why, but chicks in business suit or schoolgirl outfits always turn me on, and if they are very busty (and J-cup most definately is busty to me) it’s even better! :)

keira-01.jpg keira-02.jpg keira-03.jpg keira-05.jpg keira-07.jpg keira-09.jpg keira-10.jpg keira-11.jpg keira-13.jpg keira-15.jpg

I’m just testing a new image upload plugin with this post, please forgive if things don’t come up as they are intented to for the next days/posts.

Download the full serie and the video of this scene from BustyBritain!

October 15, 2006

Denise Davies playing with her huge juggs

Filed under: BBW, Mature, Boob Licking, J-cup, Busty Britain, Denise Davies — HugeBoobLover @ 10:45 am

After my last posts about Faith going truely hardcore, I thought it might be hard to appreciate other sites, but fortunately I’m still teased by all the busty chicks I get to see! Looking in my model listing I’ve noted I’ve only blogged once about Denise Davies. Denise has been a busty model for quite a while now, but unfortunately she’s not featured as she’d deserve to be anymore.

I guess the constant flow of new models make it a big harder for “oldtimers” to keep up, but I definately thing Denise Davies is still (and maybe even more than ever before) one of the cutest in the “naturaly busty housewife” category. So far Busty Britain is the only site that seems to be actively featuring her, in both solo scenes and hardcore scenes.

Here are some pictures I got from a neat scene where she’s playing with her J-cups. Those scenes are the most teasing to me. There’s nothing like watching a busty girl fondling her tits, licking and sucking them, … Here are some pictures of Denise Davies that will convince you if you’re not already :-D

denise-davies-02.jpg Denise Davies Denise Davies Denise Davies

Denise Davies Denise Davies Denise Davies

And because pictures are great, but movies are even better, here are 3 sample clips I got from the same scene!

Clip 1
Denise Davies movie

Clip 2
Denise Davies movie clip

Clip 3
Denise Davies movie clip

Come download more movies samples at!

August 11, 2006

Denise Davies flashing her J-cups

Filed under: BBW, Boob Licking, Housewife, J-cup, Busty Britain, Denise Davies — HugeBoobLover @ 8:42 am

I’ve recently been featuring many new models, but that doesn’t mean that “old timers” are out. It’s true that everything tends to go faster on Internet but the best models are still around, very much alive and busty :-)

This is my first blog entry about Denise Davies, but it seems this chick has been around forever. She’s only 28 (that is 6 years younger than me :-D ) but still, it definately seems to me that Denise Davies has always been here. She’s been featured on most of the mainstream busty sites but her appearances are becoming less frequent those days, so you can imagine my joy when I saw BustyBritain featuring a raunchy video of Denise getting kinky licking her J-cups and dildoing her pussy! Ok, enough bable, here are the pictures and video clips :-)

Denise Davies Denise Davies Denise Davies licking her nipples Denise Davies licking her huge boobs

Denise Davies

Denise Davies

Denise Davies

More sample clips on Busty Britain!

March 23, 2006

Who wants to lick Davina’s J-cups?

Filed under: Davina, XX-Cel, J-cup — HugeBoobLover @ 11:39 pm

Well, I’ve been informed that the initial purpose of tits is to be sucked on, but who said they can’t be licked too? Davina is back again (thanks to the folks!) in a great set where she plays with her boobs and food. Seems like the phrasing “yummy boobs” has been invented while looking at this picture serie…

Davina Davina Davina Davina Davina

The full picture serie and video is on

March 19, 2006

Davina’s beautiful boobs in black and white

Filed under: Davina, Artistic Nude, XX-Cel, J-cup — HugeBoobLover @ 11:17 am

I’ve always thought it was too bad that there’s not enough artistic nude or erotic pictures featuring enormous tits… Don’t get me wrong: there are many photographers doing quality work but very few of them seem to consider girls with tits bigger than a C-cup.

The team has been trying to remedy this shortage and produced some great nude pictures of british cutie Davina. I just love the lighting on those pictures and Davina’s smile just makes me melt!

Davina Davina Davina Davina

Note: the original pics are 1600×1200 (desktop background material! :-) ) so I reduced the size of the pics here to save some bandwidth.

Take a few minutes to visit and appreciate their great pictures!

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