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September 4, 2009

ImLive: Norma Stitz and Alicia Loren ready to make your fantasies come true!

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I know an increasing number of you want much more interaction with their erotica/porn movies and while it’s hard to please everybody with “old fashioned” porn scenes, it’s totally possible with webcams to ask the female performer to do exactly what you which them to.

I mean:  watching the biggest boobs in the world on your screen is nice, but if  you’re watching a video clips shot several years ago and already seen by thousand fans, it’s just not the same thing than being in front of the actual performer and ask her to do what you want her to!

Now if you really want the real thing (do you? :-) ), thanks to ImLive you can get a one to one session with Norma Stitz who just happens to be the Guiness Book of Records certified bustiest woman in the world…

Norma Stitz (login: norma_stitz)

Amazing isn’t she? Well, it’s not every day you get to talk with a chick who can flash a pair of 72ZZZ puppies, right? :-) BTW, did you know that you can record and save a webcame session? That’s your chance to become a “porn” producer, direct the model and make your own video… :-P

Click here to see Norma Stitz’s webcam page!

But Norma Stitz and her ZZZ juggs aren’t the only beauties you’ll be able to make friend with on ImLive… If you look on the right hand side menu of this blog, in the ‘Busty Camgirls’ section you’ll find some more amazing chicks to have some good time with…

And because she’s one of my favorites, here are some pictures of Alicia Loren and her 36JJ wonders; indeed she’s from Romania but her accent is about as cute as her boobs are big… Enjoy! :-)

Alicia “36JJ” Loren (login: simpatique)

Click here to watch Alicia Loren(simpatique)’s webcam page!

Now, in the (I hope unlikely) case that neither Norma nor Alicia tease you, there are quite a few amazing models you can chat with in the ‘ImLive Boobs‘ section.

November 25, 2008

Let’s celebrate Barack Obama’s election with Summer Lashay’s boobs :-)

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Yes, I know I really should post more here, but I very busy, please bear with me while I try to sort things out (nothing serious, just very busy with family stuff, work, etc…)

I know it’s old news now, but since we now have an Afro-American as President-elect, I thought it would be a good idea to celebrate with some black boobies? HUGE black boobies of course!

As it happens Summer Lashay is the very first Afro-American busty model I thought of, so it’s with her pair of ebony JJ-cups that we’ll wish Barrack Obama, the USA and all our american friends lots of good things for the 4 coming years!

It’s not the first time I’m featuring Summer Lashay here, but while so far I pointed to her pictures and videos on ThickNBusty, it appears that she also have her private website, and it’s most definately worth having a look at it! :-)

Ok, here are the pictures from Summer’s site, enjoy!

Click here to visit Summer Lashay’s site :-)

June 28, 2008

Alicia Loren and Micky on webcam just for you?!

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Don’t you sometimes wish you could direct your own porn scene? Or even better, have the performer for you alone?

A few years ago, I had a girlfriend who’s fantasy was to be given instructions to follow, so when we “played” together I often started by sitting in a corner of the room while she was on the bed and I asked her to start masturbating, or lick her nipples (Yes, she could do that, was my only GF that could actually although she only was a DD-cup), or finger her ass, she was basically up for anything and the kinkier I got, the more she loved it. It’s too bad webcams weren’t popular back then because I’m sure she could have been an amazing webcam host.

While I usually enjoy porn movies because it allows me to watch them when I want and also to fast-forward or rewind as I see fit, it’s still missing a lot of interactivity.

I never blogged much about webcams much so far because every time I looked I had a hard time finding correct cam sites with enough hosts having really HUGE tits. So far ‘ImLive Boobs‘ is the best one I could find: always plenty of very busty performers at any time of the day, but there also are quite a few big tits models/pornstars that have an account and perform there on a regular basis!

Ever fantasized to have some 1-on-1 quality time with Alicia Loren, Micky or another of the models I usually feature here? Then look no more, you need an account on ImLive (yes, the girls do their show for a fee, but with a free account you can already access all their picture galleries and you can also Text-IM the girls which is already great :-P )
Ok, here are the screenshots from webcam shows of Alicia and Micky, enjoy! (sorry for the low quality, but video snapshots hardly ever look very good)

Alicia “36JJ” Loren (login: simpatique)

Alicia Loren(simpatique) on webcam Alicia Loren(simpatique) on webcam Alicia Loren(simpatique) on webcam Alicia Loren(simpatique) on webcam

Alicia Loren(simpatique) on webcam Alicia Loren(simpatique) on webcam Alicia Loren(simpatique) on webcam

Click here to watch Alicia Loren(simpatique)’s webcam page!

And now the screenshots from Micky(login: HornySexyTits69)

Busty Micki on her webcam Busty Micki on her webcam Busty Micki on her webcam Busty Micki on her webcam

mi05.jpg Micky mi07.jpg Busty micki at imlive

Click here to see Micky’s webcam page !

While I’m at it I should also mention that Alexandra Moore also have a webcam page at Imlive!

Kristina Milan also does camshows on ImLive BTW, see here for her profile!

June 4, 2008

Plenty of free pictures to download from Juggmaster

I’m not quite sure if this trend is very recent or not, but it seems premium sites show less and less HQ pictures on their tour. While I understand they need to keep the best for their members, I like to have a good idea of what I’m about to see when I’m ready to get my credit card out.

While not being the most popular big tits site, Juggmaster has been around since 1999. Actually I’m pretty sure all of you already landed on that site one way or another. Juggmaster deserves lots of recognition from big boob fans because they uncovered many of the busty models we’re currently drooling on.

While it may sound silly, Juggmaster’s preview allows to download one fullsize image for each of the numerous models they feature on their site which is more than most of the other sites currently let us see; more importantly it allows us to have a much better idea about what they’re offering.

Here are some pics from Juggmaster, but there are about 50 pictures to download from their tour… What are you waiting for to visit it? :-P

vixensample2.jpg cara-05-13.jpg chaka-06.jpg

hj-14.jpg kore-0304.jpg lea-03j.jpg

missy-05-09.jpg sapphire-08.jpg surreal-06.jpg

May 25, 2008

A truckload of enormous boobs from ThickNBusty!

Can we ever get to many sites featuring enormous natural juggs? nope! I most definately don’t think so… ThinkNBusty, while not being really new (it’s been around for one year at least), is really good and I’m quite surprised is hasn’t got more coverage yet.

The ‘ThickNBusty’ name pretty much says it all about this site: it’s all about Busty BBW women (that is: NOT featuring chick with an enormous ass but with hardly any breasts), and with an hardcore twist. Many scenes and pictorials are solo, indeed; but quite many feature chicks playing with big dildos or with males delighted to have such amazing boobs to play with… Actually this is the very first place where I see Summer Lashay performing an hardcore scene (warning: burning hot titfucking action!)

Not listening to me anymore already? *sigh* ok, here are the pictures of Summer Lashay and her JJ-boobs giving the titucking of a lifetime to a lucky guy… :-D

Summer Lashay at ThickNBusty Summer Lashay at ThickNBusty Summer Lashay at ThickNBusty

Black BBW Summer Lashay at ThickNBusty Black BBW Summer Lashay at ThickNBusty Summer Lashay at ThickNBusty

Of course, ThickNBusty is a multi-model site, and frequently updated one at that, so there are MANY models and scenes to look at… Here are just a couple more preview pictures of Kore Goddess, Rose Valentina and Simone Fox! I’m not done exploring this site totally yet, so you may expect more posts about it very soon :)

Kore Goddess at ThickNBusty Kore Goddess at ThickNBusty Rose Valentina

Simone Fox at ThinkNBusty Simone Fox at ThinkNBusty

Click here to watch more enormous natural juggs at!

January 18, 2008

An avalanche of big boobs from BigTitsCurvyAsses

It’s been about one month sinceI last checked BigTitsCurvyAsses and it appears they added a few amazing scenes! Since I still have an access there (well, actually I got it from my IncrediblePass) let me tell you about the lastest scenes on this fine site.

First a scene featuring Chloe Veria; I just searched in my blog archives and amazingly enough I never posted pictures of this beauty before. This now 21yo chick from Medelin, Colombia (the finest drug they probably ever produced there :-) ) isn’t afraid to show her G-cups, and she’s really amazing in front of the camera; either she already was doing porn in a previous life or knowing thousand of people would look at her scene was a big turn-on for her…

BigTitsCurvyAsses contains at least another scene of Chloe Veria, and maybe a 3rd one; can’t tell for sure since my access expired between the moment I saved the pics and now :-)

Chloe Veria at BigTitsCurvyAsses Chloe Veria at BigTitsCurvyAsses Chloe Veria at BigTitsCurvyAsses Chloe Veria at BigTitsCurvyAsses

Yet another newcomer: Bunny De La Cruz.

Sometimes I feel like writing a long paragraph about a babe, sometimes I just feel like the pictures are enough and that I’d rather spend more time…err… enjoying *cough* *cough* the pictures rather than talking about it… :-D To make a long story short, Bunny de la Cruz is one of those babes who’s not only busty, but who also loves to have her cleavage used to please guys :-P We’re not going to complain about that…

Bunny De La Cruz Bunny De La Cruz Bunny De La Cruz Bunny De La Cruz

Bunny De La Cruz Bunny De La Cruz Bunny De La Cruz

Bunny De La Cruz free video
Click here to download this clip

Last and certainly not least, Maria Moore is nowhere near a new model and I’ve featured her numerous time on my blog already, but for some strange unexplained reasons we seem to never be able to get enough of her… I had a bad cold last month and I would have loved if nurse Maria Moore could have come to take care of me… :)

Speaking about Maria Moore, I can’t help mentioning that a few month ago I was lucky enough to have dinner with her and a few other busty busties in an Italian restaurant in Amsterdam and that Maria have a great personality! She’s about as cool and down to hearth than she’s busty! We didn’t really need one more reason to watch her scenes, but that’s one anyway! :-)

Busty Maria Moore in nurse outfit Busty Maria Moore in nurse outfit Busty Maria Moore in nurse outfit Maria Moore in nurse outfit

Maria Moore in nurse outfit Maria Moore in nurse outfit Maria Moore in nurse outfit

Come download more free clips on BigTitsCurvyAsses’ tour!

December 9, 2007

Ever heard about Rachel Aldana and her 32JJ puppies?

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This is going to be a quick post because I’m exhausted and I really need to go have some sleep, but I found some pictures of Rachel Aldana and her all naturals 32JJ…. Wanna see them? :-P

Ok, I bet you do… Those pictures are from a site named PinupFiles. It’s not new, but I never blogged about it so far it seems… This site is specialised in “glamour busty beauties” and feature some of our favorite babes like Anya, Lorna Morgan, Denise Milani and a few more known faces…

Anyway, here are the promised pictures of Rachel Aldana and of her 32JJ rack! Enjoy! :-P

Rachel Aldana Rachel Aldana and her 32JJ Rachel Aldana and her 32JJ

Rachel Aldana and her 32JJ Rachel Aldana and her 32JJ Rachel Aldana and her 32JJ

Rachel Aldana and her 32JJ Rachel Aldana and her 32JJ

Click here to visit PinupFiles!

November 19, 2007

Hannah Callow and Denise Davies getting their titties fucked

I’ve been asked a couple to feature hardcore scenes a bit more often. I must admit that I personally like softcore/solo modeling nearly as much than hardcore, so I must admit that I indeed tend to feature softcore sets more frequently, but since you asked here are hardcore pictures from 2 great scenes.

Hannah Callow is not really new in the modeling world. She’s actually been making several scenes in the late 90s but disappeared only to get back in 2007. Although she’s now slightly over 30yo, she’s looking better than ever! (The scenes featured in this blog post are from BustyBritain and BigTitsParadise; the access to each of these sites also works on the other one, so they can actually be considered as a single site).

Anyway if you’re too young to remember Hannah Callow, here’s her 411:

Name: Hannah Callow
Birth Date: June 6th, 1976
Birth Place: London, England
Measurements: 38DD-26-35
Hair Color: Brunette
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5′ 4″
Weight: 121 lbs
Ethnicity: Caucasian

The “stunt-cock” from BustyBritain gave Hannah a good shagging and she seemed to love every single minute of it! Nothing like an involved busty performer to end up with a great scene! Anyway, here are some picture sample from this scene (video is 18 minute long).

Hannah Callow at BigTitsParadise Hannah Callow at BigTitsParadise Hannah Callow at BigTitsParadise

Hannah Callow at BigTitsParadise Hannah Callow at BigTitsParadise Hannah Callow at BigTitsParadise

I’ve you’ve been a long-time reader of my blog you probably already know that I’m not not young anymore and that I have a special crush on busty women over 30. In particular I’ve always been a big fan of Denise Davies. Ten years ago I was already dreaming about her and I still do today!

Denise isn’t afraid of showing how naughty she is. Actually in a recent interview of her she said that although she was married she’s still “easy” to get and one of her favorite things is to get fucked by 2 boob-lovers at the same time! (well, who would blame her for that :-) ). Anyway BustyBritain recently released a scene featuring her getting “taken care of” by two guys and if you’re into busty hardcore, you definately don’t want to miss that 19-minute long scene!

Denise Davies at BustyBritain Denise Davies at BustyBritain Denise Davies at BustyBritain

Denise Davies at BustyBritain Denise Davies at BustyBritain

(if you join either site you get the & other one for free)
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