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July 22, 2008

Thank you Claudia-Marie!

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I hope that by now you’re a regular reader of my blog, and if you are you probably know that I got to meet Claudia-Marie and a few other busty angels in Amsterdam last year.

While I’m at it, here are a few more pictures from that event that I didn’t post yet :-P

Claudia-Marie at WMA 2007 Claudia-Marie at WMA 2007 Claudia-Marie at WMA 2007

Claudia-Marie at WMA 2007 Claudia-Marie at WMA 2007 Claudia-Marie at WMA 2007

Ok, here are the good news now! I’ve recently been in contact with Claudia-Marie and her photographer on a forum and they promised they’d send me a very nice fansign for my blog…

I only had to wait for a couple of days to get the two following pictures to land in my mailbox:

Claudia-Marie fansign Claudia-Marie fansign

Isn’t that cool? :-D

“HugeNaturalsLovers say thank you too Claudia-Marie! :-P

Over the last year, I could check by myself that Claudia-Marie’s site is updated really often (about weekly) and there’s a lot of variety in her content! I mean: many “solo model sites” feature always the same girl in the same room posing the same way, but only wearing different clothes in each set. On the other hand Claudia-Marie’s site features: Anal, Girl/Girl, Threesomes, Candid pics, InterRacial and even some totally amazing stuff like the Interracial gangbang with Kayla Kleevage.

If you ever get bored while browsing her member are you’re probably the most jaded guy in the world :-P

Now be nice to Claudia-Marie an check her site out! (at least to download 4 HQ pics + 1 trailer for each of her most recent scenes! :-) )

September 11, 2007

Thank you Cindy Milley! ;-)

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Sometimes back in April, I blogged about Cindy Milley’s site. I always feel like my blog is only read by horny guys looking for yummy big tits to look at, but as it happens this place is also visited by some of the models I’m talking about!

Cindy Milley saw HugeNaturals lovers and after seeing that I got a fansign from XX-Cel and another one from Ashley, she decided to add her name to the list of the cuties who loves to be featured on this blog! :-)

Now it’s our turn to say “Thank you Cindy for having such a beautiful smile and such a yummy pair of H-cup boobs, and most of all, THANK YOU for letting us drool all over them!” :)

Cindy Milley loves HugeNaturalsLovers

Be Nice And Visit Cindy Milley’s site!

May 26, 2007

Neat fansign from Terry and her 32FF juggs! Thank you Cel!

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If you’re a regular reader, you already know that not only XX-Cel is one of my favorite sites and I already blogged many times about XX-Cel here. Cel (yes, that’s the actual name of the site owner) is an absolute genious at finding new busty cuties and I very much enjoy my membership or his site.

Anyway, it seems Cel is also a fan of my blog because he made me (probably inspired by the previous fansigns I got) this uber-cool sign with one of his lastest find: Terry and her FF juggs.

Terry from XX-Cel

Isn’t she lovely?! Here’s the intro text that goes with the pictorial on XX-Cel that was made at the same time that this fansign:

Terry is once again a girl I saw on a couple websites and thought her breasts were magnificent. I also knew there was a pretty girl under the 2 pounds of make-up she had, and I was right! So I decided to present Terry to the XX-Cel fans as you’d be able to see her walking down the street, which is a bout a million times better. A real cute girl with real huge tits and a real small back! Wow, look at that stuff. Terry is from the Czech countryside, and usually hides her ample bosom in loose clothing, what a shame. Enjoy those 95 pics that I had a hard time to do because of a boner.

On the behalf of all the readers of, thank you Cel for proving us there are photographers that really care about their customers and go the extra mile to please the big boob fans!

Come See More Pics From Terry And Her 32FF Juggs at XX-Cel!

March 15, 2007

A treat from Ashley (of

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Not so long ago I blogged about an insanely cute busty teen that is IMHO the cutest newcomer since Faith. Apparently she noticed the traffic coming from my blog and sent me this great picture!

Fansign Ashley

How cool is that?! :-D Ok, I already had a few fansigns already, but this one definately is one of my favorites! (And yes, the actual URL of this site is, but somehow I’ll think she’s forgiven for that missing ’s’ :-) )
And just because I still have plenty of them on my hard-disk, here’s another batch of samples of this amazing chick who, as we can see really cares about her fans and loves to flash her 32HH tits; what could we possibly ask for more? :-)

Ashley and her 32HH cups from DreamOfAshley Ashley and her 32HH cups from DreamOfAshley Ashley and her 32HH cups from DreamOfAshley

Ashley and her 32HH cups from DreamOfAshley Ashley and her 32HH cups from DreamOfAshley Ashley and her 32HH cups from DreamOfAshley

Ashley and her 32HH cups from DreamOfAshley Ashley and her 32HH cups from DreamOfAshley Ashley and her 32HH cups from DreamOfAshley

April 11, 2006

Busty fansigns! Yay! :-)

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The most attentive readers among you may have noticed a new page that appeared yesterday in the sidebar on the right of this page.

I’d like to thank Hentaibee and Scott for sending these uber-cool pictures!

If you love too, please show it and send me boobs! Draw them, take a picture of yours (or take a picture of the nearest lady’s cleavage if you’re a guy! :-) ) and email it to I will display it here as long as a link to your site.