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July 25, 2008

Daphne Rosen’s Boobs in Bondage/BDSM/Femdom action!

Filed under: Mature, G-cup, Busty Lesbians, Hardcore, Fetish, Femdom, Bondage, BDSM, Daphne Rosen — HugeBoobLover @ 6:02 pm

Although I don’t mention it often, I quite often get requests via the contact form. While some are explicit (Asking to feature a specific model, or more black chicks, …), some are less easy to handle.

Specificaly, I’ve been asked twice this month to try to feature something a bit different of the “standard solo girls titty-teasing” and of the “standard porn scene: teasing-blowjob-fuck-anal-facial”. Fair enough, I had a long thought about this and finally decided to post busty BDSM pictures :-)

It seems like there aren’t too many very busty models involved in fetish/BDSM erotica/porn because it Daphne Rosen and her G-cup boobstook me quite a while to find one, but thankfully Daphne Rosen and her yummy (although not quite natural) G-cup boobs seem to be the exception: this Boston-based cutie shot many extremely kinky scenes involving: her pegging (ie: fucking with a strap-on dildo) a guy, her being fucked while bounded, her whipping an innocent schoolgirl, and a few more… I know that not all of us like this kind of “deviant” fantasies, but in my book all fantasies that involve consentant adults are fine.

I must admit I’m not so much a bondage fan myself, but Daphne’s strap-on dildo scene is absolutely burning hot… At the beginning of the scene she’s wearing a very sexy business suit and is getting fucked by a guy, but very quickly the roles are exchanged and she’s the one ending up fucking her fuck-buddy.

BTW, please don’t post silly “That’s gay!” comments! Prostate massages has absolutely nothing to do with being sexually arounsed by people of the same gender. It’s just very unfortunate that one of the most arousing (when stimulated correctly) part of the male anatomy is located there. I guess that’s the price we have to pay for not having periods and headaches… If you don’t like this kind of scenes, you can always drool on the ones where Teacher Daphne spanks a schoolgirl or where she’s getting bondaged and used like a fuck-toy :-)
Anyway, here are some sample pictures of Daphne Rosen and her G-cups involved in several different BDSM activities and roles (Daphne actually seems to love to be the dominatrix as much as she loves to be the slave), enjoy and see the links below for the movie trailers! :-P

See this page to get the list of all Daphne Rosen’s Kinky BDSM scenes.

Also downloadable trailers are available from the following pages (scroll down on the pages to find them) : Strap-on Femdom scene, Bondage scene, Dominant Teacher scene.