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August 17, 2007

MILF Angelica Sin flashing her boobies at MilfBoobies!

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It’s not often that I nearly get a heart attack when I see a new scene but I just saw one that got my heart beating hard for a while!

I’m not a big fan of “mainstream” porn so there are many performers I never heard about, but as they age a bit or get bigger boobs, every once in a while I “discover” a new model; new to me only of course, because after some quick research I usually find out she made in excess of 100 porn movies over the last 10 years or some such.

Anyway, my “discovery” of the day is Angelica Sin on MilfBoobies. Not only she’s a beautiful and classy MILF with a yummy pair of DD, but the reason she got my heart beating so hard is because she totally looks like Jessica.

Who’s Jessica you may ask? Well, a loong time ago, when I was in my late teens, my parents had a friend named Jessica; she was a 45yo divorced lady who worked as an accountant in the same corporation than my father at that time. She quite often came for dinner at my parents’ and one time she mentioned she was trying to connect to Internet but was having lots of difficulties (it was circa 1994 mind you and at that time Internet was definately not so widespread nor anywhere near easy to use). Since at that time I was already a computer geek I offered to help and the next week-end I was over to her house to fix her problem.

While that problem itself what kinda easy to solve (by re-installing WinSock for those who remember Windows 3.1! :-) ) Jessica was quite busty (about DD) and that day she was wearing a dress that showed a lot of her cleavage and I was having the hardest time trying not to have a glance in it every 10 seconds… :-)

Anyway, after about half an hour of this torture I finaly managed to her the computer problem fixed and just as I told her so, I had a long stare, maybe 5 seconds straight at her big tits. I realised what I just did and started blushing. Then I looked up to her face, and she had a very large grin, so evidently she noticed what happened.

The rest happened quite quickly… She took my hand and without a word I followed her to the sofa where she sat me. Then she lifted her dress enough to sit on my lap, facing me, and put her tits 4 inches away from my face.

While it was my very first time with a woman I understood this was most definately an open invite to grab her boobs and start to play with them… :-P
I’m not gonna tell the whole story but let’s just mention the sex was great, lasted the whole afternoon and to that day the tittyfucking I got from Jessica is still among one of the best I’ve ever had. (You wouldn’t believe that before that day I had no idea a woman could suck a cock while titfucking it. Well, it was an amazing feeling and even 15 years later, every time I get my cock between a pair of tits I still have a little thought for Jessica :-) )
There, I managed to be even more talkative that I am usually :-D

Ok, here are the pics from Angelica Sin provided MilfBoobies. This site is still new, but their MILFs (Milves?) are really over 40yo and really busty, which is a very good sign and I’ll most likely go there often in the next weeks to check for their updates!

Angelica Sin Angelica Sin

Angelica Sin Angelica Sin

Angelica Sin Angelica Sin

Come watch more yummy MILF juggs on MilfBoobies! :-)