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December 23, 2010

Cindy Milley finally shows her nipples! :)

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Every once in a while, it happens that a new model is pretty shy and doesn’t want to show it all… Of course, it’s very understandable that many (most?) models don’t want to do hardcore, but some are actually shy enough so they don’t even want to show their nipples :(

It used to be the case of Cindy Milley, so her first pictorials and movies featured only “non-nude” content. However as she matured she decided to please her fans and is now happy to proudly show her beautifull and very likable nipples in every scene! Thank you so much Cindy! :-)

And of course I need to back up my claims with some proofs, so here are 16 samples taken from some of her lastest sets.

Not only her H-cups are great, but don’t you think she has one of the cutest eyes and smile among all the busty models out there? Nevermind, here are a few more pics! :-P

Take a couple minutes to visit Cindy Milley’s site!

October 29, 2008

Schoolgirl Cindy Milley flashing her boobs!

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I can hardly believe it’s been nearly one year since I last talked about Cindy Milley and her yummy H-juggs, but unless by blogging software is lying to me, I absolutely had to repair this injustice and show off some pictures of Cindy in one of her last updates dressed with a schoolgirl outfit…

Ok, I know I’m now an old fart who’s about to be 40yo, but if the schoolgirls nowadays are only half as hot as Cindy Milley is, I don’t mind getting back to school for 10 more years!

It’s also worth pointing out that Cindy Milley have some topless pictures of her in her site, but she asks all her members not to duplicate them outsite of her site; so I’m following her wishes, but if you want a bit more than just cleavage and titty-teasing, Cindy also have some pictures (and videos!!!) for you :-P :-P

Be Nice And Visit Cindy Milley’s site!

September 11, 2007

Thank you Cindy Milley! ;-)

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Sometimes back in April, I blogged about Cindy Milley’s site. I always feel like my blog is only read by horny guys looking for yummy big tits to look at, but as it happens this place is also visited by some of the models I’m talking about!

Cindy Milley saw HugeNaturals lovers and after seeing that I got a fansign from XX-Cel and another one from Ashley, she decided to add her name to the list of the cuties who loves to be featured on this blog! :-)

Now it’s our turn to say “Thank you Cindy for having such a beautiful smile and such a yummy pair of H-cup boobs, and most of all, THANK YOU for letting us drool all over them!” :)

Cindy Milley loves HugeNaturalsLovers

Be Nice And Visit Cindy Milley’s site!

April 17, 2007

Cindy Milley and her natural 30H wonders

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Yeah, it seems like I’ve been a bit asleep behind the wheel again as far as my blog updates are concerned, but somehow this Cindy Milley babe manage to wake me up totally ;-)

Cindy Milley seems to be extremely new to the modeling scene (I’ve only found out about her on another blog this morning), but considering her pictures, I’m totally sure this petite (5′2) and very busty (30H!) teen will have a very bright future on the busty modeling scene. Actually I think she looks a bit like Ashley (from, but she looks slightly younger.

Just look at those pics! Isn’t Cindy Milley the bustiest and most horny-looking teen you’ve seen in ages? She certainly is as far as I’m concerned!

Cindy Millet and her 30H boobs Cindy Millet and her 30H boobs Cindy Millet and her 30H boobs

Cindy Millet and her 30H boobs Cindy Millet and her 30H boobs Cindy Milley and her 30H boobs

Cindy Millet and her 30H boobs Cindy Milley and her 30H boobs Cindy Millet

Cindy Milley Busty Cindy Milley nude Busty Cindy Milley nude

Visit Cindy Milley’s mouth-watering site!