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June 12, 2008

YET another busty newcomer uncovered by XX-Cel: Soraya and her F-cups from Belgium!

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I’m not sure how he manages to find so many new models, but Cel (Yes, THE Cel from XX-Cel of course) probably discovered more new busty models over the 12 last months than any other site. His lastest discovery is named Soraya and while I’ve only seen her first pictures a couple hours ago, I’m already totally in love!
Soraya currently lives in Belgium but she’s originating from Morroco. She have a unique and fresh look that really turns me on and she also happens to have a great smile! Not the forced smile that many models have in front of the camera, but the true and spontaneous smile of the girl who enjoys being in front of the lens…
Of course, like all the models on XX-Cel, this stunning lady is blessed with a beautiful pair of F juggs. I know some of you will find her a bit too curvy, but in my opinion her body is just plain amazing! Actually there’s another reason Soraya turns me on so much: if her pictures were not showing her face I could have sworn it were pictures of my wife’s body (ok, my significant other is currently a E-cup “only” but that’s about it).

Actually I’ve emailed a couple pics of Soraya to my wife to ask her opinion :) And yes I’m also blessed that my wife doesn’t have any problem with me watching erotic/porn pictures. Yes, I know I’m a lucky guy! :-P

Ok, I’ve been babbling to much again, here are the pictures!

Soraya from XX-Cel Soraya from XX-Cel Soraya from XX-Cel Soraya from XX-Cel

Soraya from XX-Cel Soraya from XX-Cel Busty Soraya

Busty Soraya Busty Soraya Busty Soraya

(BTW, the pics above have been reduced from 1600pixel-wide to 1200 to save my bandwidth, but the pics on XX-Cel are big enough to make the greatest wallpapers even if you have a large LCD screen :-) )

Click here to see more of Soraya at!