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November 25, 2008

Let’s celebrate Barack Obama’s election with Summer Lashay’s boobs :-)

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Yes, I know I really should post more here, but I very busy, please bear with me while I try to sort things out (nothing serious, just very busy with family stuff, work, etc…)

I know it’s old news now, but since we now have an Afro-American as President-elect, I thought it would be a good idea to celebrate with some black boobies? HUGE black boobies of course!

As it happens Summer Lashay is the very first Afro-American busty model I thought of, so it’s with her pair of ebony JJ-cups that we’ll wish Barrack Obama, the USA and all our american friends lots of good things for the 4 coming years!

It’s not the first time I’m featuring Summer Lashay here, but while so far I pointed to her pictures and videos on ThickNBusty, it appears that she also have her private website, and it’s most definately worth having a look at it! :-)

Ok, here are the pictures from Summer’s site, enjoy!

Click here to visit Summer Lashay’s site :-)

May 25, 2008

A truckload of enormous boobs from ThickNBusty!

Can we ever get to many sites featuring enormous natural juggs? nope! I most definately don’t think so… ThinkNBusty, while not being really new (it’s been around for one year at least), is really good and I’m quite surprised is hasn’t got more coverage yet.

The ‘ThickNBusty’ name pretty much says it all about this site: it’s all about Busty BBW women (that is: NOT featuring chick with an enormous ass but with hardly any breasts), and with an hardcore twist. Many scenes and pictorials are solo, indeed; but quite many feature chicks playing with big dildos or with males delighted to have such amazing boobs to play with… Actually this is the very first place where I see Summer Lashay performing an hardcore scene (warning: burning hot titfucking action!)

Not listening to me anymore already? *sigh* ok, here are the pictures of Summer Lashay and her JJ-boobs giving the titucking of a lifetime to a lucky guy… :-D

Summer Lashay at ThickNBusty Summer Lashay at ThickNBusty Summer Lashay at ThickNBusty

Black BBW Summer Lashay at ThickNBusty Black BBW Summer Lashay at ThickNBusty Summer Lashay at ThickNBusty

Of course, ThickNBusty is a multi-model site, and frequently updated one at that, so there are MANY models and scenes to look at… Here are just a couple more preview pictures of Kore Goddess, Rose Valentina and Simone Fox! I’m not done exploring this site totally yet, so you may expect more posts about it very soon :)

Kore Goddess at ThickNBusty Kore Goddess at ThickNBusty Rose Valentina

Simone Fox at ThinkNBusty Simone Fox at ThinkNBusty

Click here to watch more enormous natural juggs at!

August 12, 2007

Summer Lashay and her huge pair of 44JJ black juggs!

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In the previous posts I’ve been talking about the new sites which are really awesome to discover new models (XX-Cel comes to mind), but the mother of all the busty sites should definately still be accounted for.

The lastest discovery I made this morning thanks to Scoreland is a stunning black MILF named Summer Lashay. I know I haven’t featured so many black models on this blog so far, so after Norma Stitz last month, Summer Lashay is my next attempt to correct this injustice.

There are tons of things I could say about this stunning ebony MILF and her all natural pair of 44JJ boobs, but I’ve been drooling on her pictures so much, that I’m just going to give the stats I got from Scoreland about Summer Lashay:
Birthday: July 5,
Height: 5′2″ / 157cm,
Weight: 180 lbs / 80kg.
Bra: 44JJ,
Measurements: 56-32-38,
Lives: Atlanta, Georgia,
Hobbies: Crossword puzzles, spending time with family.
About guys: “The first things I look at when I meet a man are his tongue and his lips, if he doesn’t have a good tongue and doesn’t know how to use it, forget it. My ideal man is intelligent, in good health and isn’t lazy. He also has to have some interests other than sex.”

Ok, I do think I could quality for the the good tongue part, but having interests other than sex seems hard! (do “huge natural tits” count as a hobby other than sex?)

Anyway, here are the much waited for picture teasers. (Scoreland’s member zone features a 1/4h video of this all natural ebony wonder)

Summer Lashay 44JJ Summer Lashay 44JJ Summer Lashay 44JJ Summer Lashay 44JJ

Summer Lashay 44JJSummer Lashay 44JJ Summer Lashay 44JJ Summer Lashay 44JJ

Summer Lashay 44JJ Summer Lashay 44JJ Summer Lashay 44JJ Summer Lashay 44JJ