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May 9, 2006

Boobs delivered by truckloads

You probably noticed many of my recent posts (and probably many posts in the future) are about the following sites: BabyGotBoobs, BustyAndReal, JugFuckers, MommyGotBoobs & RacksAndBlacks; well here are the good news:
This blog is mostly about showing good free stuff, but some offers are too good to pass, so let me just mention this one quickly (I don’t want to sound spammy or anything :-) ). Anyway all the 5 sites above as well as a 6th one ( are now available with a single pass: That right, if you couldn’t choose which one to join, you now can join all of them at once. This most definately will give you more boob per buck than any other site or pass out there and you’ll be able to find out about the updates before I mention them here.

Ain’t that cool? 6 great sites for the price of one probably is the deal of the year for all the big boob fans! Ok, here’s the link :

And because I don’t want to make a picture-less post, here are for your enjoyment, some pics from Brandy Taylor:

Brandy Taylor Brandy Taylor Brandy Taylor Brandy Taylor Brandy Taylor Brandy Taylor

April 9, 2006

Gianna Michaels pics as secretary

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How many of us already dreamt of shagging one of our office co-worker or the receiptionist of a nearby company?

For some reason busty babes turn me on as much when they’re clothed than when they’re naked and each tightly clothed cleavage get me hard. Maybe I’m just a pervert, but in the case I’m not the only one, here are some pics from Gianna Michaels posing as office lady.

Gianna Michaels Gianna Michaels Gianna Michaels Gianna MichaelsGianna Michaels Gianna Michaels Gianna Michaels Gianna Michaels

Download the whole serie from BabyGotBoobs!

April 7, 2006

Gianna Michaels

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Gianna Michaels has been around for about one year only, but it seems this 36DD brunette is now everywhere. Actually I can’t seem to think of any major big tits site I’ve been a member of where she’s hasn’t been featured.

Of course, her cleavage is one of her best assets, but she also have one of the best “come and fuck me” look of the whole porn scene. Here are for your viewing pleasure some pics I’ve saved from BabyGotBoobs and RacksAndBlacks. Just a potpourri for now, I’ll post more pics of each set in a while! :-)
Gianna Michaels Gianna Michaels Gianna Michaels Gianna Mickaels Gianna Michaels

Download the movie trailers (top notch wanking material :-) ) from BabyGotBoobs and RacksAndBlacks!