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August 16, 2006

Put Bianka On Your Desktop

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It’s been nearly 3 months since I last gave busty wallpaper images, so it’s time for a little update :-)

The beautiful picture of Bianka I posted last week was great indeed but it wasn’t oriented suitably (portrait instead of landscape) for a background, so I’ve found another one and set it to the most standard screen sizes so they can be used as wallpapers.

Thank you BoobsGarden for making such beautiful pictures :-)

800×600 1024×768 1600×1200
Bianka BoobsGarden Bianka Bianka

Come get more HQ samples from BoobsGarden!

August 6, 2006

Bianka from BoobsGarden

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There are times where a picture is worth a thousand words…

Well, this is one of those times… :-) Here’s a stunning picture of Bianka, one of the new models of BoobsGarden (the site which first featured Wanessa Lilio, remember?).

Bianka isn’t quite as busty as Wanessa, I don’t know her exact bra size, but I’d guestimate it as either DD-cup or E-cup. Still, I never can get enough of this kind of beautiful glamour pic. Enjoy! :-D

Bianka from boobsgarden
Click to download Bianka’s 1024×768 HQ picture

More Bianka pics on BoobsGarden!

July 21, 2006

Busty Cowgirl Wanessa Lilio

Filed under: Mature, Housewife, HH-cup, Boobs Garden, Wanessa Lilio — HugeBoobLover @ 8:03 am

So if I look at how many times my previous entry on Wanessa Lilio got read you guys really love this babe. Well, the good news is that BoobsGarden is adding more and more content featuring Wanessa.

Here are some pics I got from their lastest update. My god I love this beauty so much… Just have a look at her cute smile and you’ll melt instantly too! (BTW, The boobsgarden preview area contains many downloadable HQ pics, so remember to check it out :-) )

Wanessa Lilio Wanessa Lilio cowgirl Wanessa Lilio cowgirl Wanessa Lilio busty cowgirl

Wanessa Lilio busty cowgirl busty wanessa lilio Wanessa Lilio busty cowgirl Wanessa Lilio Wanessa Lilio busty cowgirl Wanessa Lilio cowgirl

Come download more of Wanessa Lilo on BoobsGarden!

July 3, 2006

Yummy Busty Wanessa Lilio From BoobsGarden

Filed under: Mature, Cleavage, Housewife, HH-cup, Close-ups, Boobs Garden, Wanessa Lilio — HugeBoobLover @ 4:01 pm

I must say I’m totally spoilt these days… just when I noted we saw plenty of new busty models recently, here’s yet another busty find: Wanessa Lilio and a new site!

If you’ve been ready this blog for long enough you probable know how much I love busty mature women and judging by the current poll, I’m not the only one. That’s why I’m so much a fan of Samantha 38G, of Kat Vixen, of Chessie Moore and I’m now officially a fan of Wanessa Lilio too! :-)

Wanessa is from Poland and actually BoobsGarden, the site that uncovered this busty MILF only features boobs from Poland, you’ll even see there some familiar faces (and tits :-) ) like Aneta Buena. I couldn’t find Wanessa’s bra size but my guess is that it’s a HH-cup; please say so in the comments of this post if you have more infos about it.
Last but not least Wanessa (the Polish version of Vanessa I assume) also did some softcore girl/girl shoots; so if you think 4 huge boobs are better than 2, you’ll like this site! :-) Ok, enough babble, here are the pics, and a double serving of them to compensate the fact I had less time to update my blog recently! Enjoy!

Wanessa Lilio Wanessa Lilio Wanessa Lilio Wanessa Lilio