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September 18, 2007

Catina and her enormous tits at ExtremeNaturals

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Here’s a new model I never saw before: Her name is Catina and not only this beauty is a great exotic dancer, but the second part of her video from ExtremeNaturals shows that she also happens to be an amazing blowjob and titfuck queen. Unlike too many models, we can tell Catina really enjoys to squeeze a cock between her enormous juggs.

I need to hurry to go to do some shopping so I’m really cutting down on the babble in this post Ok, here’s the wanking material! :-D

Ebony Boobs: Catina from ExtremeNaturals Ebony Boobs: Catalina from ExtremeNaturals Ebony Boobs: Catalina from ExtremeNaturals

Ebony Boobs: Catalina from ExtremeNaturals Catina from ExtremeNaturals Catina from ExtremeNaturals

Ebony Boobs: Catina from ExtremeNaturals Catina from ExtremeNaturals

September 27, 2006

Alice and her amazing TRIPLE-F juggs

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Know what? I’m in love! (Yes, again! :-D )

I actually already saw that scene a while ago, but I really couldn’t remember where I saw it which pretty much pissed me off as I lost it in a harddisk crash. So today is a day of joy as I see this scene featured on! I already talked about this site back in May, but it continues to deliver :-)
The best part of the scene is when Alice puts her FFF-cups to good use around the guy’s cock while she licks it with her pierced tongue. Definately a must-see scene! (BTW, this site offers a $5 for 3 days trial, so it’s a great way to download all the scenes from the tour and many more; If you’ve never joined a premium site yet, this is definately one of the best place to try :-) )

Here are 10 screenshots from the video:

Alice from Alice from Alice from Alice from

Alice from Alice from Alice from Alice from

Alice from Alice from

May 9, 2006

New site: Extreme Naturals

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Today is a very good day for big bust lovers:

This morning I blogged about a great new pass for big boobs lovers, this afternoon I got notified of a new site exclusively dedicated to natural juggs (Yay! :-) ).

From the tour and the samples I could get my hands on, it’s made by the same team than, but this new site is exclusively reserved to the most endowed ladies. They have pics and vids of many already known models (Gianna Michaels, Brandy Taylor, Kitty Lee, …) but they also have plenty of fresh flesh which is really nice. Anyway here are some sample pics I could get; check their tour for more girls…

Amy from ExtremeNaturals Bobbie from Brandy Taylor from Carmella from

Iris from ExtremeNaturals Laylani from ExtremeNaturals Savana from ExtremeNaturals Kitty from ExtremeNaturals

Pictures from…