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July 10, 2011

Hitomi Tanaka is now also posing for!

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Yes, the picture above doesn’t lie! Hitomi Tanaka is now also posing for ScoreLand! Until now, the only place to find pictures or movies of Hitomi was to either import DVDs from Japan or to join, but as you may know in Japan the erotica producers have to pixelate the genitals of models. I know some of us don’t care much, but has it happens more of us DO care! :-)

Well, the good folks at were kind enough to pay Hitomi and her amazing J-cup boobs a trip to the USA so we’ll at least be able to watch her in non-pixelated movies!

Here are some samples from her first pictorial:

Yummy isn’t it? Ok, I also have a small video preview, so here is it below !

The best part of the video is the 2nd part where she titfucks a banana with lots of whipped cream! Yet another scene that’ll remain memorable to all the big boob lovers!

Click here to get more yummy samples on’s tour!

March 31, 2011

Angela White first hardcore scene!

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There are some models who never seem to be interested into making hardcore scenes but that’s okay because we don’t really care, and then there are some models we’re craving to see in a hot hardcore scene.

Yes, Angela White did a few hot lesbian scenes with Christy Marks or with Chloe B at, but all of us who wanted to see her play with a cock had to crave until today…

The good news is that the good folks at ScoreLand just managed to convince Angela to perform a handjob and a titfuck in front of a camera. And the best of all: three more hardcore scenes with her have been shot, including a threesome with Maggie Green and an extremely lucky guy! I just can’t wait! 2011 is still in its first months, but I’m already sure Angela’s first hardcore scenes will be the most striking busty porn news of the year.

Are you sure you really want to see her in POV playing with a big cock like it’s yours?! :-P Ok, here goes:

Click here to see the full first Hardcore Scene of Angela White!

But Wait! If you don’t like “recorded scenes” because you prefer more interactive porn, Angela White is also doing daily webcam shows! What more could we possibly ask for? :-P

I don’t have recordings of her last shows, but still I managed to save some screenshots; they really don’t do justice to her live performances, but it’s better than nothing I guess; enjoy!

Click here to catch Angela White on her Webcam (ImLive)

Bonus: and here’s a picture from her 2nd scene: Angela White blowjob

February 18, 2010

My survival kit on Internet: an email address and a subscription to Scoreland! :-)

It’s been a very long while that I’ve been around on the Internet and so far I’ve only found 2 things that I really absolutely couldn’t live without: my email address, because obviously I must have a way to reach people and my Scoreland access because obviously I need my daily dose of big boobs :-P .

I’m not good at marketing but here are the reasons why I think Scoreland is simply the best website for big boob lovers by far: It’s been around since 1997 AND it’s updated daily (yup, that’s about 5000 scenes!), You can download as many videos as you want to your hard drive in many different formats (HD, standard WMV, iPod, mobile phones, …), It’s not more expensive than the other sites, and Scoreland really have some of the hottest stuff there is when it comes to huge boobs!

If you love big boobs I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about Scoreland already, but if you never joined you really missed something! For only $3 you can get a 3-day membership…  That’s the best investment you can make: tons of videos and pictures to download for less than the price of a pint in a pub… Who said the crisis was everywhere?! :-) While all the cheap guys waste hours trying to find some good new wanking material, I know every day I just have to log on scoreland to have my daily fix of busty pr0n :-)

Anyways, it’s now time to show some titties… Well, here are some samples I saved from Scoreland’s latest updates; enjoy! :-D

(oh, and no it doesn’t mean the other premium sites are bad; but IMHO scoreland just beats them all)

Anna Song

Ashley “Sage” Ellison

Busty teens are great indeed, but since I know many of my faithful readers also enjoy busty MILFs here are some recent Scoreland samples of Harmony Bliss, Renée Ross, Michelle May (yum!) and… Minka… Yes, I know “natural boobs lovers” are not all big fans of Minka and her silicon bags, but she has that naughty look that just makes me horny each time I see her! :)

Harmony Bliss

Michelle May


Renée Ross

October 9, 2008

Introducing Karina Hart ’s HH-cups in video! :-)

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If you love busty beauties masturbating in front of the camera, you’re gonna love this post! :-D

Although I’ve not featured Karina Hart on my blog yet, there are already many pictorials and videos of her on Scoreland, and since she was starting to get so many fans she decided to shoot many more scenes and to open her own personal site! yeay! :-)

I know I’m a bit backlogged with the updates on my site, but to try to make up for it, this time I’m giving you 4 HQ sample clips to download, enjoy! :-) (No hardcore (boy/girl) scenes of Karina have been published yet, but this girl most definately loves to suck her own nipples and to play with dildos… :) )

Karina Hart


Karina Hart dildoing


Click here to visit Karina Hart’s HH boobies :-P

June 19, 2008

Christy Marks, Anya Sakova and Holly Halston having fun at Scoreland…

[Update: Christy Marks just opened her personal site! :-P ]

Looking at my access statistics, I’ve noticed that Christy Marks and Merilyn/Anya Sakova have been the most searched for models since the beginning of this month. Well, considering they’re both H-cuppers, I’m not surprised :-)
That’s a good occasion for me to blog about the “mother-of-all big tit porn/erotica sites”: Scoreland which happen to have plenty of content featuring these 2 fine girls. Anya can actually be found on several other sites (BustyMerilyn or XX-Cel mostly) but with the exception of her very first and only hardcore scene, Christy Marks cannot be found anywhere else than on Score sites since she signed an exclusivity contract with them.

Let’s start with some pictures of Christy on the seashore:

Scoreland picture Scoreland picture Scoreland picture Scoreland picture

Isn’t she yummy? But my absolute favorite set of Christy Mark so far is this one:

Scoreland picture Scoreland picture Scoreland : Christy Marks in bride lingerie Bride Christy Marks

Ok, and since I’m not very likely to marry Christy Marks, I can always confort myself by looking at the lastest set from Anya :-P

Scoreland Anya Sakova / Busty Merilyn Scoreland Anya Sakova / Busty Merilyn Scoreland Anya Sakova / Busty Merilyn scoreland15.jpg

By the way: For those of us who love Busty MILF hardcore, you most likely been deceived by the fact that the uber-MILF Holly Halston was only doing scenes with her husband Troy Halston. Well, it happens she recently changed her mind and Scoreland recently released her first scene where she’s taking a cock that’s not her husband’s.

Scoreland picture Scoreland Holly Halston Scoreland Holly Halston

Well, actually Troy is there too, but he’s nice enough to share Holly with another guy. I didn’t have any doubt about it, but she’s more than totally able to take two cocks at once. In fact I burnt this scene on CD while I was writing this post to make sure I’ll keep a copy of this must-see video ;)

Click here to visit Scoreland!

May 11, 2008

Let’s answer Willow Fox’s question!

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Yes, this site is primarily intended to horny guys lusting on huge female boobs, but every once in a while I get mail from females that are not models wanting to be featured here.

I really found this email interesting, so let that be my pictureless post of the year, and please take a couple of minutes to read Willow’s message, my answer and post a comment if you happen to disagree strongly :-)

First, here’s Willow’s message:

I’m so confused! I am 21 yrs old, 5′3′’ and I have natural 34D-DDs, when I asked my husband what was his favorite breast size he said B-Cs. When I seemed upset, I told him that it had bothered me that he didn’t mention my breast size. He went on to say that what he meant to say was before he met me that’s what he liked. But I don’t think so, when we met I was a 32C and he loved them. He was always looking at them, saying how sexy they were, playing with them and touching them. Now he doesn’t do anything like that. I can get undressed and he won’t even notice. I’m a woman who loves to have her breasts played with and sucked on, but now it’s like he just doesn’t know what to do with all this woman. Look, I know that this isn’t a relationship site, all I want to know is if there are men out there who like that size, and whether or not they really know how to handle a woman or if they just like them to look at. I used to be proud of my volumptous breasts, and now I’m embarrassed to be nude, like my size is a bad thing. When what I really want is to take off my clothes and be proud again, to know that there are men out there who find this sexy, and to find some real men who actually know how to handle some real breasts!

Dear Willow,

As the 36yo husband since 7 years of a 36yo DD-cup woman, here’s my answer to the best of my knowledge. Actually it’s just a list of points, but hopefully they’ll be useful to you and your couple!
- First, men who loves big boobs are often seen as “perverts” by women or other guys. So most of the guys who only lust on DD cups and over are quite likely to tell that “C cups are fine” so they’re not labelled as “only here for the tits”.

- It seems to me that you’re “reducing” yourself to just a pair of tits in your email. Yes, maybe your husband is less “interrested” in you sexualy speaking, but that kind of thing happen in any couple… And that’s not just due to the boob size of the female partner.

- You mentioned you were C-cup when you met your husband, and are now D/DD cup. What’s the size increase due to? Pregnancy? Getting more weight? If you recenty become mother of a child who (like my daughter) only sleeps 6 hours every night, no wonder your partner is more stress, more tired and less available for bedroom sport.

- Maybe he’s having “external worries”: about his job, familly?… Many women nowadays still expect guys to take the initiative while they act like they can do it themselves. The end result being that both husband and wife stay in their corner expecting the other party to make the first move. If you need something just ask for it! A few times my wife came to sit on my lap and asked me to “fuck her right now!” and I was happy to please her :-) My best guess is to talk to him and tell him frankly what you think and how you feel. If it’s difficult for you to say, email him. Maybe I’m just and old fart, but dialogue has solved most of my couple problems. Make him notice that you walking nude in the house was enough to get raped a couple years ago and that now it’s barely enough to get noticed… Anyway, talk to him about how you feel! Maybe he’s worry about his job, about the mortgage, maybe the last-born isn’t letting him get enough sleep… Well, just ASK!

Do you have something to add? Please help “Willow Fox” and add your input below by adding a comment on this article. In the meantime, here are some pictures of Christy Marks from Scoreland so this post doesn’t stay totally pictureless… Enjoy :-)

Christy Marks Christy Marks Christy Marks

Christy Marks Christy Marks Christy Marks

Christy Marks Christy Marks Christy Marks

Click here to watch Christy Marks full set!

[Update: Christy Marks just opened her personal site! :-P ]

January 15, 2008

Christy Marks having fun with milk (and her huge boobs)!

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[Update: Christy Marks just opened her personal site! :-P ]

Again, I’m a bit swamped with real life, but I didn’t want my blog to remain more than a week without having been updated, so for your enjoyment, here are a few pictures of Christy Marks and of her all natural H-cup boobies.

As I said in a previous post, Christy has signed an exclusive deal with Scoreland, so it’ll be the only site where we’ll be able to watch her beautiful cleavage. It doesn’t appear she’s going to make another hardcore scene any time soon, so we’re kinda left with her pictures from Scoreland to watch…

Not that we need to complain mind you… :-)

Christy Marks and milk Christy Marks and milk Christy Marks and milk Christy Marks and milk

Christy Marks and milk Christy Marks' boobs at score Christy Marks' boobs at scoreChristy Marks' boobs at score

Christy Marks' boobs at score Christy Marks Christy Marks

Visit Christy Marks’ model page at Scoreland!

(In the next days I’ll post a big update from Denise Milani’s site)

[Update: Christy Marks just opened her personal site! :-P ]

December 8, 2007

At long least: glamour pics of Nadine Jansen!

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I’ve been browsing the list of the models I’ve been featuring on my blog so far and I just realized I never blogged about Nadine Jansen yet! I remember I was just about to do it a few months ago but I saw she doesn’t allow any content from her own website to be posted.

Still, the great news for us is that she posed often for Scoreland, so plenty of pictures of Nadine are available there. Once again the mother of all busty sites doesn’t disapoint us! Enjoy! (BTW, besides Nadine Jansen, are there any other major busty models who I’ve not been talking about yet?)

Nadine Jansen Nadine Jansen Nadine Jansen

Nadine Jansen Nadine Jansen Nadine Jansen

Samples from another of the 17 sets of her available on Scoreland… Doesn’t she look great?! It also seems to me that Nadine Jansen as been around since at least 8 to 10 years, but she’s still looking as young and beautiful as she did in her first sets… This girl just amazes me!

Busty Nadine Jansen and her 85H boobs Busty Nadine Jansen and her 85H boobs Busty Nadine Jansen and her 85H boobs

And some samples from an older set dating back from 2001! Ok, the pictures are smaller and more compressed (broadband wasn’t even existing back then :-) ) but we can definately see it doesn’t seem like 6 years have pasted between those pictures. I hope Nadine will remain in the modeling world a long time, before I can’t help thinking she’ll be an amazing MILF! :-P

Nadine Jansen at Scoreland Nadine Jansen at Scoreland Nadine Jansen at Scoreland

Nadine Jansen’s page on Scoreland’s tour!

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