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April 24, 2008

How about some busty strippers on your desktop?

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Nearly 2 years ago (time flies! :-) ) I wrote a post about Faith’s scene for VirtuaGirl2. Back then I really liked that concept of having girls stripping on my desktop :-) Now that I live with my partner, it’s not as easy to go in stripper bars as it was when I was a few years younger…

Anyways, I recently visited that site again and was pleasantly pleased with what I saw: They evolved into VirtuaGirlHD, and they know have even more pictures on their tour!

Their main software still work the same way: you can download an application that allows you to browse throught their extensive list of models and choose which one is gonna do a strip-tease for you. Of course there’s a fee if you want to watch all the girls, but a couple of girls are included in the free version which definately makes it worth downloading!

VirtuaGirlHD vgi0500p010039.jpg vgi0500p010049.jpg vgi0500p010076.jpg vgi0500p010131.jpg

All the models have a very glamour touch and if you love chicks in uniforms or nice outfits you’ll love their pics. Nurses, soldiers, cops, biker chicks, secretaries, evening dresses, … There’s a bit of everything in their scene browser. Also it’s worth noting that while their models are not specifically advertised as “busty” many of them are :-) Many cleavages have been enhanced, but there are still many great looking and 100% natural boobs as you can see by the pics above and below…

vgi0500p060000.jpg vgi0500p060095.jpg vgi0500p060102.jpg vgi0500p060181.jpg vgi0500p060191.jpg

After the soldier, the strip-tease of a hot and busty biker chick… I wouldn’t mind giving her a ride :-)

vgi0463p040016.jpg vgi0463p040049.jpg vgi0463p040064.jpg vgi0463p040108.jpg vgi0463p040141.jpg

And even if you’re not interested by the videos, the preview allows to download 8 HQ pics from each scene, which makes it the biggest amount of free downloadable pictures I’ve seen on a tour in a very long while…

Click here to download more amazing HQ pictures from VirtuaGirlHD!