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April 24, 2008

How about some busty strippers on your desktop?

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Nearly 2 years ago (time flies! :-) ) I wrote a post about Faith’s scene for VirtuaGirl2. Back then I really liked that concept of having girls stripping on my desktop :-) Now that I live with my partner, it’s not as easy to go in stripper bars as it was when I was a few years younger…

Anyways, I recently visited that site again and was pleasantly pleased with what I saw: They evolved into VirtuaGirlHD, and they know have even more pictures on their tour!

Their main software still work the same way: you can download an application that allows you to browse throught their extensive list of models and choose which one is gonna do a strip-tease for you. Of course there’s a fee if you want to watch all the girls, but a couple of girls are included in the free version which definately makes it worth downloading!

VirtuaGirlHD vgi0500p010039.jpg vgi0500p010049.jpg vgi0500p010076.jpg vgi0500p010131.jpg

All the models have a very glamour touch and if you love chicks in uniforms or nice outfits you’ll love their pics. Nurses, soldiers, cops, biker chicks, secretaries, evening dresses, … There’s a bit of everything in their scene browser. Also it’s worth noting that while their models are not specifically advertised as “busty” many of them are :-) Many cleavages have been enhanced, but there are still many great looking and 100% natural boobs as you can see by the pics above and below…

vgi0500p060000.jpg vgi0500p060095.jpg vgi0500p060102.jpg vgi0500p060181.jpg vgi0500p060191.jpg

After the soldier, the strip-tease of a hot and busty biker chick… I wouldn’t mind giving her a ride :-)

vgi0463p040016.jpg vgi0463p040049.jpg vgi0463p040064.jpg vgi0463p040108.jpg vgi0463p040141.jpg

And even if you’re not interested by the videos, the preview allows to download 8 HQ pics from each scene, which makes it the biggest amount of free downloadable pictures I’ve seen on a tour in a very long while…

Click here to download more amazing HQ pictures from VirtuaGirlHD!

January 24, 2008

Black BBW Jenny Hill and her Q-cup boobs say Hello!

Filed under: BBW, Black, Uniforms, Glamour, Jenny Hill, Q-cup — HugeBoobLover @ 10:55 pm

One of my best reward as a blog owner is to look at my access statistics and to see I have more readers every month…

Now, I also write another blog specificaly dedicated to plumper women, and an extremely busty model happens to read it and sent me pics, so since that lady is the proud owner of a pair of Q-cups, I figured I’d mentioned her message and show her pics here also… :-)

Anyways, here’s that email:

From: Jenny Hill

Happy 2008 to you. Hope you’re well
Attached are some new sets which are yet to come from me in 2008.
Also just to let you and the rest of the fans know that I won ‘Score Big Breast Challenge’ 2007 (Holiday edition) So do thank them all for voting for me.
This year there are lots of steamy hot sets and video on the way and I will be releasing a DVD in 2008 which will only be available from

BBW Jenny Hill sending in some of her own pics… How cool is that?! :-D

For those of you who have been living under a rock for the last few years, Jenny Hill is a british model who’s been one of the first black BBW models to become widely known…

Ok, let’s not wait anymore and enjoy Jenny’s pictures!

BBW Jenny Hill BBW Jenny Hill BBW Nurse Jenny Hill BBW Nurse Jenny Hill

BBW Jenny Hill and Simone Fox BBW Jenny Hill and Simone Fox 38Q Jenny Hill 38Q Jenny Hill

Black BBW maid jenny hill Black BBW maid jenny hill cafemaid11.jpg

Click here to visit Jenny Hill’s site and download some more HQ pics!

January 18, 2008

An avalanche of big boobs from BigTitsCurvyAsses

It’s been about one month sinceI last checked BigTitsCurvyAsses and it appears they added a few amazing scenes! Since I still have an access there (well, actually I got it from my IncrediblePass) let me tell you about the lastest scenes on this fine site.

First a scene featuring Chloe Veria; I just searched in my blog archives and amazingly enough I never posted pictures of this beauty before. This now 21yo chick from Medelin, Colombia (the finest drug they probably ever produced there :-) ) isn’t afraid to show her G-cups, and she’s really amazing in front of the camera; either she already was doing porn in a previous life or knowing thousand of people would look at her scene was a big turn-on for her…

BigTitsCurvyAsses contains at least another scene of Chloe Veria, and maybe a 3rd one; can’t tell for sure since my access expired between the moment I saved the pics and now :-)

Chloe Veria at BigTitsCurvyAsses Chloe Veria at BigTitsCurvyAsses Chloe Veria at BigTitsCurvyAsses Chloe Veria at BigTitsCurvyAsses

Yet another newcomer: Bunny De La Cruz.

Sometimes I feel like writing a long paragraph about a babe, sometimes I just feel like the pictures are enough and that I’d rather spend more time…err… enjoying *cough* *cough* the pictures rather than talking about it… :-D To make a long story short, Bunny de la Cruz is one of those babes who’s not only busty, but who also loves to have her cleavage used to please guys :-P We’re not going to complain about that…

Bunny De La Cruz Bunny De La Cruz Bunny De La Cruz Bunny De La Cruz

Bunny De La Cruz Bunny De La Cruz Bunny De La Cruz

Bunny De La Cruz free video
Click here to download this clip

Last and certainly not least, Maria Moore is nowhere near a new model and I’ve featured her numerous time on my blog already, but for some strange unexplained reasons we seem to never be able to get enough of her… I had a bad cold last month and I would have loved if nurse Maria Moore could have come to take care of me… :)

Speaking about Maria Moore, I can’t help mentioning that a few month ago I was lucky enough to have dinner with her and a few other busty busties in an Italian restaurant in Amsterdam and that Maria have a great personality! She’s about as cool and down to hearth than she’s busty! We didn’t really need one more reason to watch her scenes, but that’s one anyway! :-)

Busty Maria Moore in nurse outfit Busty Maria Moore in nurse outfit Busty Maria Moore in nurse outfit Maria Moore in nurse outfit

Maria Moore in nurse outfit Maria Moore in nurse outfit Maria Moore in nurse outfit

Come download more free clips on BigTitsCurvyAsses’ tour!

July 10, 2007

Naughty nurse Gianna Michaels

Filed under: DD-cup, Gianna Michaels, Uniforms — HugeBoobLover @ 2:43 pm

No matter how many busty babes I look at every day, I still think Gianna Michaels is one of the most exciting model around.

Not only she have a great face, big boobs and a slim body, but she seems to be one of the most active models in this industry. Over the last year, she has been working for about every big tits sites out there, and she’s also finding a way to run her own website. Amazing!

Gianna really seems to love fetish-wear and outfits as on her site she appears as a secretary, a policewoman, a nurse, … I just wish all the nurses could look like her :-) But let’s end the babble here and enjoy 9 pics of her, plus a “bonus” pic at the end!

Busty Nurse Gianna Michaels Busty Nurse Gianna Michaels Busty Nurse Gianna Michaels

Busty Nurse Gianna Michaels Busty Nurse Gianna Michaels Busty Nurse Gianna Michaels

Busty Nurse Gianna Michaels Busty Nurse Gianna Michaels Busty Nurse Gianna Michaels

But there’s more than just tits and a cute face, right? Gianna also have, in my opinion, the most beautiful eyes of all the adult industry! It’s quite infortunate that very few photographers even bother making close-ups on model eyes because this is a huge turn on for me.

Anyway here’s just for you a stunning picture of Gianna Michaels and her uber-sexy grey eyes (Oh, she does have a cock in her mouth, but I think it makes her look even more sexy :-) )

Gianna Michaels' grey eyes

Come visit Gianna Michael’s site!

June 17, 2007

Busty Newcomer Schoolgirl Keira And Her J-cups On BustyBritain

Filed under: BBW, J-cup, Busty Britain, Keira, Uniforms — HugeBoobLover @ 2:06 pm

Again I’ve been on and off, but here are some pictures of Keira.

This new model just appeared on BustyBritain and I just couldn’t help showing you some samples. I’m not sure why, but chicks in business suit or schoolgirl outfits always turn me on, and if they are very busty (and J-cup most definately is busty to me) it’s even better! :)

keira-01.jpg keira-02.jpg keira-03.jpg keira-05.jpg keira-07.jpg keira-09.jpg keira-10.jpg keira-11.jpg keira-13.jpg keira-15.jpg

I’m just testing a new image upload plugin with this post, please forgive if things don’t come up as they are intented to for the next days/posts.

Download the full serie and the video of this scene from BustyBritain!

February 12, 2007

Celebrating Eden Mor’s Huge Natural HH Cups

Filed under: BBW, HH-cup, XLGirls, Eden Mor, Uniforms — HugeBoobLover @ 5:15 pm

Ok, it’s been requested over and over, so here are finally some pictures from Eden Mor!

Besides her own site and Eden Mor isn’t featured on any other website so her pictures are quite rare, but I’ve found samples of two great picture sets featuring her as a secretary and as a schoolgirl. Both are taken from her personal site which is now over two year old and has been updated twice every month since the begining (yes I watched the preview every 10 days or so until now :-) ) So Eden Mor’s site is definately not something that was set up quickly and forgotten nearly as far as it was set up. (I love this name) contains more than 100 pictures sets an a matching video for most of the pictorials.

Ok, so here are some pictures of Eden posing as a secretary (yes, secretaries and business suits are definately among my strongest fantasies along with big natural boobs which is why this blog shows babes in business suit so often, but apparently I’m not the only one to love it :-) )

Eden Mor Secretary Eden Mor Secretary Eden Mor Secretary Eden Mor Secretary

And another set featuring the other most requested outfit besides secretary and nurse: schoolgirl… Wouldn’t you love to help with busty chick with her homework?! I most definately would! :-D

Eden Mor in schoolgirl outfit Eden Mor in schoolgirl outfit Eden Mor in schoolgirl outfit

Eden Mor in schoolgirl outfit Eden Mor in schoolgirl outfit

…and I just couldn’t resist to post this picture “full size” just to make sure you’ll fall in love with Eden in case you didn’t already! (pics in her member area are actually bigger: 1024×768)

Eden Mor Secretary

Visit the garden of Eden!

November 9, 2006

2 Great Leah-Jayne scenes at

Filed under: BBW, Leah-Jayne, Boob Licking, HH-cup, Busty Lesbians, Busty Britain, Uniforms — HugeBoobLover @ 11:37 am

Not too many sites are featuring Leah-Jayne currently, so it’s always great news when BustyBritain is adding more movies featuring this busty british wonder. BustyBritain already was the site that features the most scenes with Leah-Jayne (as far as I know at least) and a few months ago they managed to convince her to make her very first hardcore scene!

This time they’ve added not once, but two hardcore scenes featuring Leah-Jayne. And both are great!

The first one features her in a neat little blue dress and she’s getting fucked her brain out after showing this lucky dude what “titfucking” really means.

Leah-Jayne Leah-Jayne Leah-Jayne Leah-Jayne Leah-Jayne

Hardcore Clip 1
Leah-Jayne hardcore video

Hardcore Clip 2
Leah-Jayne hardcore video

In the other scene she gets to do some girl-girl games with Victoria (who is nearly as busty as Leah-Jayne is by the way!). Leah-Jayne is a naughty schoolgirl who’s being taught sex education my Mrs. Victoria and they both enjoyed it! :-)

Leah-Jayne lesbian schoolgirl Leah-Jayne lesbian schoolgirl Leah-Jayne lesbian schoolgirl Leah-Jayne lesbian schoolgirl Leah-Jayne lesbian schoolgirl

Leah-Jayne Lesbian Schoolgirl Clip 1
Leah-Jayne lesbian schoolgirl video

Leah-Jayne Lesbian Schoolgirl Clip 2
Leah-Jayne lesbian schoolgirl video

Come download more clips from BustyBritain!

Leah-Jayne’s page on (list of all her scenes)

April 13, 2006

A titfucking lesson from Leah-Jayne

Filed under: BBW, Leah-Jayne, Tit Fucking, HH-cup, Busty Britain, Uniforms — HugeBoobLover @ 3:21 pm

This morning it seems like all the big boob addicts emailed one another like mad to spread out the message of joy to the masses: Leah-Jayne now does hardcore!

The same Leah-Jayne that flashed her insane HH boobs for XLGirls (pics) and XX-Cel (pics), made a burning hot scene for BustyBritain where she’s dressed up as a very naughty schoolgirl and shows she really knows how to put her enormous hooters to good use. This is a titfuck that lucky guy will not forget anytime soon! Leah-Jayne’s HH natural wonders going up and down squeezing that big cock will mostly likely become one of the best known big tit hardcore scenes in the near future!
The video is 30 minutes long and I can’t wait to get back from work tonight to watch it a second time (yeah, sad news, I need to work to make a living :-) ).

Oh! And as a bonus for her fans BustyBritain also features 2 great videos of Leah-Jayne having lots of fun with her toys.

Leah-Jayne Hardcore Leah-Jayne Hardcore Leah-Jayne Hardcore Leah-Jayne Hardcore Leah-Jayne Hardcore
Leah-Jayne Hardcore Leah-Jayne Hardcore Leah-Jayne Hardcore Leah-Jayne Hardcore
(Pics downloaded from

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