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October 3, 2007

I had dinner with Claudia-Marie and Maria Moore!

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[Update: Maria Moore just opened her personal site! :-P ]

You may have wondered where I’ve been the past week since it’s been 8 days I haven’t been posting anything there…

Hold on to your seat: I’ve been in Amsterdam partying with Claudia-Marie, Maria Moore and a few other cuties (more in the next posts :-P ) Want a proof?! I’ve got the pictures to proove it! :-)

We had a cocktail with Maria, Claudia-Marie and a few other pornstars, then we went to dinner in a neat Italian Restaurant in Amsterdam (Gusto, just on the east part of the Red Light District) I was lucky enough to eat just in front of Claudia-Marie who was absolutely hot in red basque and Celian (from was had Maria Moore at his side.

I can confirm that in real life Claudia-Marie is as cool as sho looks great and she’s most definately the best entertainer I’ve ever seen. It’s never been so hard to concentrate on my plate and to tell the truth I don’t even remember what I ordered:-P Needed to say that with Claudia-Marie and Maria Moore at our table we have not gone unnoticed for long in the restaurant and the waiters seemed to have the same concentration problems I had… :D
Oh, by the way. I now have reliable “first hand” informations that Claudia-Marie’s G-cups are all real! No silicone! :-P :-D

Maria Moore and Claudia-Marie Cel (from and Maria Moore

Claudia-Marie in her red corset Claudia-Marie licking her G-cups

Claudia-Marie again :-) Claudia-Marie showing her puppies

On her site, Claudia-Marie have plenty of hardcore scenes (with both guys and girls) and you’ll never believe who’s the guest in her last update: Minka, the bustiest asian pornstar ever who’s making her return into the adult business.

I’ve always loved busty lesbian scenes, but watching Claudia-Marie and Minka eating each other’s enormous boobs is a scene that will be remembered for a long time believe me! (No time to make or find a short clip of that scene for now, but I’m posting some video screenshots and a burning hot trailer in downloadable from Claudia-Marie’s site preview)

Claudia-Marie and Minka Claudia-Marie and Minka

Claudia-Marie and Minka Claudia-Marie and Minka

Fetch more pictures and trailers of Claudia-Marie from her site!

[Update: Maria Moore just opened her personal site! :-P ]

7 Responses to “I had dinner with Claudia-Marie and Maria Moore!”

  1. ugi_boy Says:

    dude, so r so lucky.. how i wish i was there.. could have sex with them… did u asked for a day?:-)

  2. d lehner Says:

    How can she be considered a MILF if see has no children, and if she does I hope its a girl, would like to find a real bio about her not these almost bio that tells you what you can see in her videos, like real name /age/ location/schools/ext.

  3. karl anglin Says:

    I would love to date Claudia Marie!

  4. heegan Says:

    wooow maria moore i love you ever time babe

  5. arshad Says:

    what is emported formake big boobs full size please tell me

  6. karl anglin Says:

    Claudia Marie is amazing!

  7. Hobbitt Says:

    The four pics of Minka and Claudia-Marie are the sexiest. But far the best of the bunch is undoubtedly the last one where Minka is about to go down on Claudia while lowering her nether regions on to her face to complete a fetching sixty-nine.

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