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February 18, 2010

My survival kit on Internet: an email address and a subscription to Scoreland! :-)

It’s been a very long while that I’ve been around on the Internet and so far I’ve only found 2 things that I really absolutely couldn’t live without: my email address, because obviously I must have a way to reach people and my Scoreland access because obviously I need my daily dose of big boobs :-P .

I’m not good at marketing but here are the reasons why I think Scoreland is simply the best website for big boob lovers by far: It’s been around since 1997 AND it’s updated daily (yup, that’s about 5000 scenes!), You can download as many videos as you want to your hard drive in many different formats (HD, standard WMV, iPod, mobile phones, …), It’s not more expensive than the other sites, and Scoreland really have some of the hottest stuff there is when it comes to huge boobs!

If you love big boobs I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about Scoreland already, but if you never joined you really missed something! For only $3 you can get a 3-day membership…  That’s the best investment you can make: tons of videos and pictures to download for less than the price of a pint in a pub… Who said the crisis was everywhere?! :-) While all the cheap guys waste hours trying to find some good new wanking material, I know every day I just have to log on scoreland to have my daily fix of busty pr0n :-)

Anyways, it’s now time to show some titties… Well, here are some samples I saved from Scoreland’s latest updates; enjoy! :-D

(oh, and no it doesn’t mean the other premium sites are bad; but IMHO scoreland just beats them all)

Anna Song

Ashley “Sage” Ellison

Busty teens are great indeed, but since I know many of my faithful readers also enjoy busty MILFs here are some recent Scoreland samples of Harmony Bliss, Renée Ross, Michelle May (yum!) and… Minka… Yes, I know “natural boobs lovers” are not all big fans of Minka and her silicon bags, but she has that naughty look that just makes me horny each time I see her! :)

Harmony Bliss

Michelle May


Renée Ross

November 6, 2009

Anorei Collins is a big webcam fan!

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As it happens, most models prefer to be in front of a photographer’s lens, but some aren’t afraid of the extra interactivity of being in front of a webcam and talking with their fans. Anorei Collins, while being quite new to the modeling scene, is one of those cool models who also love to please their fans in ‘1-to-1′ mode.

Do you think you’ve been nice enough to deserve a nice webcam session with Anorei and her 38LL amazing natural wonders? :-P

In the meantime, here are some screenshots I’ve selected from her previous shows; enjoy! :-D

Still want to see some more? :-) Ok, here’s the thumbboard of an actual webcam show of Anorei:

Anorei Webcam

Click here to visit Anorei Collins’ webcam page!

October 28, 2009

Happy Halloween from Dors Feline

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It’s almost Halloween so I figured I’d post an Halloween-themed pictorial featuring Dors Feline :-)

I think it’s also the first time she’s posing with her new hairdo; and yes, this is a short post because I know you hardly ever read and directly skip to the pictures of our favorite tattooed busty chick :-P

Click here to visit Dors Feline’s site!

October 6, 2009

Amazing new busty model: Anorei Collins and her 38LL natural boobs!

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Every so often we get to discover a model that totally blows away the competition on the big tits modeling scene… A while back we had Miosotis, or Alicia Loren, or Nelli Roono; today’s new find from BigTitsGlamour is named Anorei Collins.

This 23yo all american model is the proud owner of a pair of 38/40 LL (yes, LL!) juggs… Extremely few models are lucky enough to have this boob size and actually the only 2 other know models using LL-cup bras are Nelli Roono and Thick Candy.

Err… are you still reading this or have you already skipped to the pictures below?

Ok, ok… *sigh* here are the pics and if you want to see more pics of Anorei Collins or just know more about here, click here to read her interview

Click here to know (and see!) more of Anorei Collins!

September 4, 2009

ImLive: Norma Stitz and Alicia Loren ready to make your fantasies come true!

Filed under: BBW, Mature, Alicia 36JJ, Cleavage, Housewife, Black, JJ-cup, ZZZ-cup, Norma Stitz, ImLive — HugeBoobLover @ 12:49 am

I know an increasing number of you want much more interaction with their erotica/porn movies and while it’s hard to please everybody with “old fashioned” porn scenes, it’s totally possible with webcams to ask the female performer to do exactly what you which them to.

I mean:  watching the biggest boobs in the world on your screen is nice, but if  you’re watching a video clips shot several years ago and already seen by thousand fans, it’s just not the same thing than being in front of the actual performer and ask her to do what you want her to!

Now if you really want the real thing (do you? :-) ), thanks to ImLive you can get a one to one session with Norma Stitz who just happens to be the Guiness Book of Records certified bustiest woman in the world…

Norma Stitz (login: norma_stitz)

Amazing isn’t she? Well, it’s not every day you get to talk with a chick who can flash a pair of 72ZZZ puppies, right? :-) BTW, did you know that you can record and save a webcame session? That’s your chance to become a “porn” producer, direct the model and make your own video… :-P

Click here to see Norma Stitz’s webcam page!

But Norma Stitz and her ZZZ juggs aren’t the only beauties you’ll be able to make friend with on ImLive… If you look on the right hand side menu of this blog, in the ‘Busty Camgirls’ section you’ll find some more amazing chicks to have some good time with…

And because she’s one of my favorites, here are some pictures of Alicia Loren and her 36JJ wonders; indeed she’s from Romania but her accent is about as cute as her boobs are big… Enjoy! :-)

Alicia “36JJ” Loren (login: simpatique)

Click here to watch Alicia Loren(simpatique)’s webcam page!

Now, in the (I hope unlikely) case that neither Norma nor Alicia tease you, there are quite a few amazing models you can chat with in the ‘ImLive Boobs‘ section.

July 18, 2009

Black Beauty Miosotis and her titanic boobs now doing hardcore!

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Great news today! Yes, I know all of you most probably know who Miosotis is (and if you don’t I have more news for you: Obama has been elected POTUS :-) ), but previously she only had a small site with a few sets and she didn’t do hardcore.

Well, the great news of the week, is that she recently opened ClubMiosotis! A site site where she not only does have many sets, BUT where she also does HARDCORE! I know it seems hard to imagine, but her oral sex skills are nearly are big as her boobs are! I really happen to love “classy” porn/erotica as much as I love the “naugthy” stuff but I my opinion is that Miosotis looks much better and seems much more confortable being fucked raw on the floor than when she was doing cheesy softcore shoots. Well, let’s just say I didn’t bother to join her former site, but I rushed to sign up for ClubMiosotis. I’m still currently downloading all the good stuff from her site, but still here are some teaser pictures for you! :-)

Miosotis’ bra site is sometimes refered as 54KKK and sometimes 58K; I’m not sure if both are equivalent, but the only thing I’m sure of is that she must spend a real fortune in custom made bras…

The pictures are below, but make sure you also download the trailer from her site’s tour (Top left of the 1st page), it’s really worth it! :-P

Wanna see some thumbs of her doing hardcore? Well, there are several scenes but this one is the only one from which I saved pictures: Miosotis shows that not only she has amazing cocksucking skills, but she’s also very bisexual as it can be seen from the look on her face when she’s enjoying a pussylicking from the other chick.

Click here to visit Miosotis’ site preview!

(Bargain of the month: If you signup via TitsAndAssPass, you get access not only to Miosotis’ site, but also to Dominno’s site, Katrin’s site, Swett Yurizan’s, Aria Valentino’s, Vanessa Del’s, Chloe Veria’s, Kristina Milan’s, Minka’s and a couple more I don’t remember of the top of my head)

July 2, 2009

New Amazing Model: Dors Feline and her 34K boobs

Filed under: Teens, Cleavage, K-cup, Glamour, Tattoos, Dors Feline — HugeBoobLover @ 3:20 pm
Ok, I’ve not been very good at keeping my blog up to date recently, so today I decided to make up for it by showing you ALL the pictures I have of the lastest busty models who opened her solo site: Dors Feline!
This amazing beauty seems extremely proud of her pair of 34K juggs and I just love her “naughty” look… Actually in most of her pictures it seems like she was just about to rape the photographer! Well, just enjoy the pics and don’t forget to visit her tour to see more! :-P
Even more pics?
Well, ok… just look how hot Dors Feline looks in this little white dress:

February 26, 2009

Angela White and Chloe B: Amazing pictures from Abby Winters!

Filed under: Teens, Busty Lesbians, GG-cup, Angela White, Chloe B, Abby Winters — HugeBoobLover @ 9:31 pm

Ever heard about Abby Winters?

Well, just in case you didn’t she’s an Australian photographer who became famous as a photographer of natural beauties from this fine country.

While most websites seem to love models who have a 1 inch thick make-up, Abby Winters (along with XX-Cel) is one of the very few which really focus on the natural beauty of the busty girls we love so much; I’ve been waiting for a long time to be allowed to display pictures from Abby’s site but the wait is finaly over!

One of my favorite models on her site is Angela White; she’s been featured on some other sites already, but as far as I know Abby Winters is the site with the biggest number of pictorials and videos of her! Just in the (unlikely) case you don’t see who Angela White is, here are some pictures of her awesome smile, grey eyes and GG-cup boobs!

Of course, not all models from Abby Winters sites are busty as we like them, but still many have some boobage that I’d love to play with… Here are some pictures of Chloe B; she made several pictorials on Abby’s sites and above all, she made a lesbian scene with Angela White which, in my humble opinion of course, is one of the best erotica scene I’ve seen in the last 5 years, so if you’re still wondering if you should use your credit card for the first time to buy an access on a premium porn site, the answer is : Just go have a look at Abby Winters’ site! If you join make sure to take the ‘girl-girl’ pass, because Chloe and Angela made a lesbian scene which happens to be one of my all time favorite videos (and I’ve been watching online porn a couple hours per day for over 10 years now which says a lot :-) )

Another reason why you really MUST visit Abby’s site: the preview contains lots of downloadable HQ pics a dozen of 1 minute-long clips! :-P

Click here to download more pics and clips from Abby’s preview!

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